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Shin Purpleton – Outside the Observation

“S-Surely, you jest, lady. I would never dare to betray…”

Assaulted by guilt, I lowered my voice so that Chloe would not be able to read my feelings but, she didn’t say anything and merely pointed at the brooch at my chest. Although not currently in use, I still wore the brooch to my chest like always.

“That brooch can record both sound and footage, right? Miss Momo was wearing the same thing…, I don’t believe so but, was she the one who ordered you to seduce me?”

“She was not!”

Partly because I was flustered that she knew about the recording function, I could not maintain my composure upon hearing Miss Momo’s name mentioned. After plucking off the brooch, all including my upper coat off my body, my hands impulsively went towards Chloe’s neck.

“Miss Momo would never resort to such cowardly means! Don’t compare her to the likes of filthy noble like you!!”


Upon seeing Chloe turning pale as she struggled to move, I promptly unhanded her and jumped back. Unhanded, she began violently coughing. I needed to skillfully deceive her away from her doubts but I ended up losing to my rage and confirmed them instead. Now, no words will convince her anymore.

“cough,I knew it, you do love Miss Momo as well… Then that’s all the more reason for you not to sleep with a woman you do not even love. You will just end up hurting yourself even more than me.”

“…Too late for that, my body had long been filthy as it is.”

Now that I’ve shown her my true self, there’s no need to keep up the polite tone when talking to her. As Darck had previously said, I had already sold off my pride and dignity away before Chloe even picked me up.

“I don’t think so. If your heart is tainted as you claim, there’s no way you could’ve fallen in love with someone.”

“Hahaha, that’s a lot of talk from the one who was obsessed with his highness, Leddorio.”

“Yeah, that’s true. So maybe my feelings for his highness were merely admiration.”

I ridiculed her, implying that her heart is just as filthy, expecting her to get angry, but she quickly acknowledged it. Still, why on earth is this woman not running away from the man, who not only tried to rape her, but also almost strangled her to death?

“Aren’t you scared at all…, I betrayed you, attempted to rape you, and even almost strangled you to death.”

“Didn’t Miss Momo tell you before? You are a kind person, Shin.”

Those were the words that saved me, the exact words that made me fall in love with Miss Momo. I thought that Chloe had hidden something in me with similar functions as the brooch, but on the second thought, magic items on that level aren’t so easy to prepare. Noticing my surprise, Chloe only revealed how she knew with a bitter smile.

“She told me about it herself, silly. She told me that you were a gentle person, and to stop making you do cruel things. I’m not one to talk but, the person who ordered Shin to steal my

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