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Dai Nable 2 – The Angelic Lady

Since then, Momo always comes to the training hall after class to bring snacks and cheer me on. Unfortunately, she was in a different class to mine and we have no other opportunities of meeting each other other than school days.

While I was thinking that, Momo looked at me seemingly puzzled.

“Academy is not only a place to study. Sir Dai should participate in school events too.”

“I’ll go as his highness’ escort, but I’ll just take a nap during my free time. It’ll probably be boring anyway.”

“I wonder about that. It would be a loss to not enjoy such events since you had to enroll. But that’s too bad. I was sure that this year’s school festival would be much more fun together with sir Dai.”

“F-Fine, it can’t be helped. I’ll go around with you during my breaks.”

“R-Really! That makes me happy!”

She took me by the arms with a million-dollar smile on her face. I suddenly felt my face heating up. At this point, I have no other choice but to acknowledge it, don’t I?

I love Momo and I want to make her my bride.

What about the difference in social status? I don’t care about those kinds of things. The reason why Momo came to the capital was to have her talents acknowledged anyway.

That being said, it’s not that simple. Momo’s talent was her awakened sacred powers which is something that would gather the attention of the royal family to her. Currently, Chloe, the fiancee of Prince Leddorio, is the one recognized as the temporary saintess. Although his highness is much more attracted to Momo, who is much more likely to be the real thing.

Of course, Momo’s brazen attitude towards everyone brought by her naivety is what makes her so attractive. I didn’t find it odd that his highness also fell in love with her.

“Hey, Do you like his highness, Momo?”


Because I was at a loss what to do about that, I asked Momo frankly about it instead. Being roundabout was never my thing, after all, although, the lady was clearly bothered by my sudden question.

“Lady Chloe was making quite the rucks, you know? She kept saying that there’s an undesirable pest coiling around her fiancee.”

“..I’m troubled about that too, sir. Her followers kept threatening me and there are many times when my personal belongings either go missing or are broken apart. They probably couldn’t stand having someone like me get close to his highness.”

Seeing Momo in low spirits just made me want to beat all them to pulp. Of course, violence against women is unbecoming of a knight, but the same thing goes for Chloe.

Not only is she the temporary Saintess recognized by the holy church, but she is also the future queen as well. Going mad with jealousy and using her followers to threaten others is unbecoming of her position.

Treacherous and unruly ladies like her are the type that I despise the most.

“Is it really such a great sin for a commoner to get along with a royalty?”

“As i

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