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Shin Purpleton’s Secret Life.

“Chloe is starting to fall for Locke. Do everything to stop that and win her over. Whatever means necessary; even if you have to force the issue.”

Seeing Chloe’s tendency to fall in love with Locke instead, the prince has chosen a method that disregards his honor. The strategy to abandon Chloe after she becomes dependent on me stays the same. However, because he surmised that Lock is a threat to the plan, he’s asking to make it happen before him.

‘Your highness, that is a little…’

“Isn’t that too much, brother? Shin is in love with Momo too.”

Prince Yellow, who apparently recently joined the monitoring, interjected in the conversation. It makes me wonder if it’s alright for the two of them to be in the same place, even though they are currently at the battle for succession. Whichever the case, Prince Leddorio seemed annoyed by it and glared at his brother in return.

“Don’t say such effeminate things, Keith. If he is truly in love with Momo, using his own body for her sake should be nothing for him. Besides, don’t you resent her, Shin? The way I see it, this looks to be the perfect time for your revenge, am I correct?”

He’s right. I’ve always been waiting for the moment to strike back at her. I’ve always hated myself who had to follow all of this little girl’s whims. Having the last laugh after throwing her away in her wretched state? Wouldn’t that be the most ideal? That’s how things should be…, and yet I couldn’t help but grip my fist in hesitation.

“It’s not like your body is clean either. That woman’s personality may be a bit off, but she’s still a woman. Just taint her and think of it as your revenge.”

Even Darck, who was a child of a mistress, held Chloe in utter disdain. He may be an aristocrat, but his sense of values is closer to that of a commoner. These differences may have made it impossible for him to love his younger sister. I understand his feelings, and yet I…


“What’s the matter, Shin? Don’t tell me you were moved by the changes in her personality?”

“…It is nothing, sire. I shall comply..”

After bowing my head deeply to hide my facial expression, I cut off the signal of the brooch.

After returning to the bar, I saw Chloe still had her brown wig on, cleaning for closing. Locke, who seems to be helping her, was having a cheerful conversation with her which she smiles in reply. I felt the dark feelings I harbored within my heart leaking out. Surely, the part of me who had been tyrannized by Chloe thus far just cannot stand the sight of her enjoying her like this.

Chloe wasn’t that much bothered by her annulment with the prince. That was merely her one-sided pursuit, no matter which angle you look at it, and the reward she would get at most, would be a loveless marriage.

But what about Locke? He may have fallen in love with Miss Momo, but once her relationship with Leddorio were to be announced, he would likely give up on her. If that were t

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