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Internship Starts

The morning starts early in the lodging house of the Grace’s. Shin was to wake up while it was still dark to clean the chicken house and sort out their eggs. But surprisingly to him, the chickens in the henhouse were of a monster variety.

The prince who was watching thought that they likely sneaked in because the barrier had gotten weaker.

“We originally had normal hens but because they all got done in by these monsters, we decided to have them lay eggs for us instead.”

“It’s amazing how they obediently stay in the closure. It must’ve been hard to just take the eggs from them.”

“We use the “Red Dragon’s Collar” for that. It was found within the dungeon and the customer paid us with it in exchange for his rent. If you put it on to weaker monsters, they won’t be aggressive.”

Monster chickens lay more eggs than normal ones and their eggs are much bigger and taste better. That’s why the two of them are enough to provide the needs of the lodging house.

At any rate, because Shin cannot allow his mistress to do dirty work, so he had taken up the job instead.

“But I wanted to do it too because it looks interesting…”

“Not only it is dangerous, but the smell is also foul too. There’s no way I would allow Chaco to do this kind of thing.”

“Then I guess I’ll just let Chaco clean the toilet instead.”


Although he managed to prevent her from doing one dirty job, another one comes for her instead. If this was the old Chloe, she would’ve crushed this lodging mistress thoroughly, earning his pity. But because the lady accepted the job like it was normal, the flustered butler raised his voice.

“Is that fine with you, Chaco? This intense job might be too much…”

“Cleaning is a staple part of the ascetic practices of the church so I’m used to it. Besides, I would not do well in the convent if I refuse something like this, wouldn’t I?”

The prince suddenly recalled going to the holy church to ask them to decrease the burden on Momo. The Church had told him that morning cleaning is essential to deepen the benevolence of the Saintess. However, he argued that he cannot allow the Saintess who would also become the queen candidate to do such a lowly task. However, the prince certainly didn’t expect that Chloe had done it obediently during her time, considering that even Momo hated it.

“Apparently toilets are governed by a beautiful goddess, and by cleaning it, you cleanse your heart all the same.”

“I have never heard of such a thing. Did you earnestly do your cleanings during your time, Chaco?”

“Only when people are looking, of course. Other than that, I cut corners when I can, I guess?”

‘I knew it. She is just that kind of woman. Cleansing your heart? This lady is likely just pushing her responsibilities to others even after having designated as a temporary saintess.’

With her index finger above her lips, Chloe chuckled as she told the Shin in a volume only he can hear. Th

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