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vekalat-talagh > Another World Where I Can’t Even Collapse and Die > Volume N/A - CH 2

This is an actual story I experienced about half a year ago.

After school, I, Yamanaka Sumireko1, a high school senior, splendidly fell down in the middle of an empty street and stayed in my fallen position, deeply embarrassed, for a couple of minutes.

When I slowly raised my head, I found myself in an unmistakably different world. Colorful leaves that I’ve never seen before and jungle-like scenery that didn’t exist in Japan. At least it was easy to understand… not that that helped any.

I looked around in a daze and started walking, since all I could see was the scenery around me.

There was no sign of people at all. I had wanted to have my first encounter with villagers while the sun still shone through the overgrown forest canopy.

3 days of walking passed.

I think I did well for a weak high school girl on her way home. I walked aimlessly through the strange world with only some pastries, snacks, and bottled water (I had bought two bottles for my friends shortly before falling down) in my bag. I was already getting dizzy.

During the day, I walked steadily toward where the sun rose in the east, but when I tried to relieve my drowsiness at night, I would get screamed at out of nowhere by strange plants or I would vaguely see something move where there were very clearly no people. Absolutely terrified, I walked by the moonlight. I was nearing my limit.

Well, it’s fine, right?

It’s fine if I collapse, right?

In most isekai novels, when the main character collapses, a sparkling prince or an unexpectedly kind bandit rescues them in the nick of time, right? That sort of thing, could I expect it? It’d be fine, right?

Half-excited to escape from my exhaustion and half-way to the extreme limit of my endurance, I mustered up the last of my strength to find a place with few trees. Whether that be a lawn, a spring, or a patch of screaming plants, I’d collapse there.

Determined, I soon found a spot.

You’d think I collapsed there, right?

I couldn’t.

Because there was already someone there.

In the middle of a clearing of grass — a perfect place to collapse onto, someone lay prone, bloodied, and motionless.

I already thought that I had no energy left or calories to burn, but I realized that, instead of screaming in surprise, I was only exhausted further.

“Is… is he… dead?”

I circled around the fallen person, who was probably a man going by his size, inching towards its figure. He was wearing long sleeves and pale trousers, both of which were covered in blood. Lying on his side, most of his head and hands were also red. He wore a belt around his waist and a sword’s sheath had fallen nearby, although the sword itself was missing. Upon closer inspection, the blood was rather light in color, meaning the man had collapsed recently.

But I didn’t care how fresh it was and I didn’t dare to collapse beside it. I’d be scared if it were really dead.


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