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“Oh, what’s this? A secret date?”

Exiting the rustling bushes, I saw that it was neither a boar nor a bear, but a man that looked a bit like a bear. He laughed heartily while making a cheeky comment about the two of us. He was a big man, probably over 2 meters tall, and with muscles like a bodybuilder, he looked even bigger. His hair and beard were a dark brown, thick and shaggy. He wore a simple, dirty, long-sleeved shirt and trousers and, on his upper body, he wore a cloak made from some kind of fur. There was also a sword on his waist and an axe in his right hand.

He looked like a bear-man or a mountain-man — like someone who was used to camping in this area. In other words, a reassuring helper had arrived.

“Please help up!”

“Of course!”

I asked him frankly, and his willingness to help was very encouraging.

The bear-man told us that he lived in a nearby town and that he regularly patrolled the forest as he worked.

“It’s common for beginners to get lost around here, but today I found something unusual.”

Having said that, the bear-man holstered his axe and lifted the fallen man onto his shoulder, held me in his other hand like a child, and began walking five times faster than I could. He didn’t look like he was even breaking a sweat, instead laughing heartily and talking about the deer he caught the other day and recalling how his kid often got lost here when they were younger.

While I was amazed by his boldness, we arrived at the town, marking the end of our lives as collapsed people.

“You! Treating the injured people roughly again! Not everyone is as tough as you!”

“S, sorry…”

“After yesterday, the clinic has no empty beds. I’ll go get a doctor, bring them to Rudis’s house! And put sheets on the bed!”

“Will do~”

At that point, I finally lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I found myself in a wooden house, being taken care of by the bear-man.

The bear-man was Gartis-san and his wife, Mesil-san, was the woman who had shouted at him as soon as we had arrived in town. They were our benefactors — the ones who took care of us.

They thought that we had gone out and collapsed together. Why? Apparently, the man, while unconscious, had latched onto my arm and never let go. He wasn’t squeezing too hard and, in such a position, I had endured another two days without a bath.

I desperately objected that I didn’t even know his name, but then the man, who had slept like a corpse, got up without a care in the world. Looking at him, he had clearly taken interest in me. I was so surprised that I ended up dropping my argument.

Farther into the conversation, they seemed to have misunderstood my name and inferred that I had been born in a distant village and abandoned in the forest after being mistreated, while the man had been attacked by bandits or something. Shocked at the strangely specific story, I thought for a moment that I had amnesia. Thou

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