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“Ah! It’s not a violet1!”

Of the 12 6-year-olds that had just rolled into the world as adventurer eggs, three of them had been grouped and handed over to me after having listened to an explanation of the guild. All three of them were familiar faces, though some looked relieved and others disappointed.

“What’s this?!You’rethe leader?!”

The one who energetically brandished his finger at me was a boy named Marth, who I saw frequently because he was the son of the milkman. He was a typical mischievous boy, and was often the main culprit of things like aweathercocksuddenly turning into a dragon, or the old woman’s potted cactus being swapped with a laughing cactus, or when all the little children in town had a dye on their foreheads and cheeks that wouldn’t come off for a month. According to him, he was just adventurous.

He always wore short sleeves, rolled up the hems of his pants, and the right clasp on his suspenders was broken. His trademarks were the freckles on his nose and his fiery-red hair.

“I’m glad it’s Sumire-chan~ You know, there was a very scary guy over there.”

Wearing a blouse with plenty of lace and pants with floral patterns, a girl named Liliana was holding a teddy bear. Her light blue eyes and wavy light brown hair made her look like a doll — something helped by the fact that her parents ran the #1 clothes store in town. The youngest child, having two older brothers and three older sisters, she was spoiled and pampered, and although she was a bit shy, she’d show her sweet, chatty side when she gets to know you. She’s been surrounded by lean men her whole life, so she was probably scared of the adventurers with big muscles.

By the way, the man who she called “a very scary guy” was one of the other leaders, and although he had a tough-looking face, he was actually gentle and kind.


“Oi~ Leonardo! You’re being quiet again!”

The small boy being elbowed by Marth was Leonardo, who wore large, round, black-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, and freshly-pulled, wrinkle-less leather pants.2Despite their thin builds, his parents were well-known adventurers. In particular, his father was a much-admired adventurer, even in the guild, and he was often pestered by Marth, who worshipped him. Leonardo, on the other hand, was an indoor person who preferred books and friends over adventures, and he often came to the guild branch to borrow books. He had a calm personality, just like the dark green color of his hair.

“Can youreallyteach us? A stronger adventurer would have been so much better!”

“I can do it~. I’ve actually done a lot of work!”

“Ehhhh, but aren’t you a ‘Kokageryuu’?”

Looking up at me, Marth pouted in dissatisfaction.

The guild had a “star-rank” system, where adventurers and requests could be given between 0 and 9 stars. The more stars it had, the more difficult a request was, and adventurers could only take requests that had as many o

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