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Chapter 6 - What is this

Give me the Yao-Binding Rope!



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What was this?!! Oh my god!!

Chi Xiaoduo thought that he was dreaming, no, this had to be a dream! How many heads did this bird have?! While Chi Xiaoduo was still counting the number of heads, that monster collided with Xiang Cheng. Xiang Cheng had just taken out the bundle of red rope from his pocket, only to be slammed to the point he was rolling around on the ground. The red rope flew onto the seat beside Chi Xiaoduo.

Chi Xiaoduo stared at Xiang Cheng in a daze. The strange bird opened its mouth again, and black smoke gathered into a ball that then shot out in all directions. It hit Chi Xiaoduo's back, slammed against everything, and the compartment was soon full of black fog.

"Move!” Xiang Cheng yelled at him.

Chi Xiaoduo was already dumbfounded as he shifted over to the next seat, the Westlife song in his earbuds just reaching the climax. The heavens had been torn asunder, the earth had split open, the sun and the moon had both gone dark, and the mood had reached its peak. The next moment, Xiang Cheng flew over to him, pulling him into his arms as they rolled together. He then pushed him under the seat and roared, "Give me the Yao-Binding Rope!"

"Wha...What?" Chi Xiaoduo’s earbuds were still in, so he couldn't hear clearly. Plus, his thoughts had obviously left reality, and he gripped Xiang Cheng’s metal staff. Xiang Cheng said in a loud voice, "Don't touch the Demon-Subduing Staff!"

Chi Xiaoduo was squishing that bundle of rope down, and after being yelled at, he hurriedly moved aside. Xiang Cheng grabbed the magic weapon just as the monster bird pounced over again. Its claws swiped at him wildly, and its nine heads all pecked at him at once. However, Xiang Cheng lifted up the Demon-Subduing Staff and stabbed the strange bird in the chest. The monster bird let out a shrill cry, black smoke emitting from its entire body, as if it feared Xiang Cheng's weapon.

In a flurry of action, Xiang Cheng flicked out that red rope. The red rope, in the blink of an eye, turned into an inescapable net and blocked the monster bird's retreat.

The monster bird thrashed around wildly and slammed into walls within the enclosed space, its nine heads violently tearing at the red rope. From underneath the seat, one of Chi Xiaoduo’s hands appeared. He took out his cellphone, turned on the video function, and waved it back and forth while facing outside.

The monster bird screeched, tumbling to the left, and Chi Xiaoduo's hand turned to the left; the monster bird tumbled to the right, and Chi Xiaoduo's hand turned to the right.

Then he heard Xiang Cheng’s muffled grunt, and the monster bird, wrapped in the red rope, rushed straight up. The subway train came to a stop, and the monster bird took advantage of the momentum to leap at him. Xiang Cheng yelled angrily and was pushed until his back hit t

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