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"You didn't tell me not to come out." Chi Xiaoduo said, "You didn't say that."

Xiang Cheng: “....”

Chi Xiaoduo started laughing, and Xiang Cheng dragged him by the hand to the Land Rover. Chi Xiaoduo wanted to climb up after him , but Xiang Cheng pushed him to stand outside, turned on the light in the car, and bent over to rummage through his duffel bag. Chi Xiaoduo looked on curiously as Xiang Cheng rummaged through his bag again and again. It seemed as though he had forgotten something, and his brow furrowed.

"What's the matter?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.

Xiang Cheng asked, "Have you seen a snuff bottle?"

Chi Xiaoduo shook his head and said, "I haven't touched your bagah."

Xiang Cheng's expression was irritated, and he looked at Chi Xiaoduo, completely helpless.

Chi Xiaoduo gave Xiang Cheng an inquisitive glance, and Xiang Cheng said, "Go back to the room. No matter what happens, you’re not allowed to come out. Can you do that?"

Chi Xiaoduo said, "Okay, is this yours?" He took out the statuette and parchment from his pocket.

Xiang Cheng glanced at Chi Xiaoduo and gave up the plan to let him go back to his room.

"Get in the car." Xiang Cheng said.

"What-what-what-what are we going to do?" Chi Xiaoduo was terribly nervous.

Xiang Cheng replied, "Fasten your seat belt."

Xiang Cheng backed up and left the parking space. The moon was hidden behind the clouds, so after passing the front door of the inn, it was completely dark. Chi Xiaoduo was both scared and excited.Was Xiang Cheng taking him out to do a mission? What did they mean by ‘your didi has been marked by a yao’?

"Why are you taking me out?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.

"Because you won't listen to me and just stay in the room." Xiang Cheng replied, "I can't hypnotize anyone either, and I didn’t bring some key items that would make you fall asleep."

"I’ll listen to you," Chi Xiaoduo said. "If you're in some kind of dilemma, I'll go back and wait for you, okay. It’s just that I'm worried about you, I heard so much just now under the tree. I promise I won't eavesdrop any more, turn around and send me backba."

"Forget it," Xiang Cheng said. "I'm afraid something will happen to you...it’s still safer for you to come with me."

Chi Xiaoduo kept feeling as though Xiang Cheng was going off to do something important.

"Baidu something for me." Xiang Cheng suddenly thought of something and asked, "Can your cellphone go online? Search for ‘guiche.’"

Chi Xiaoduo said, "Guiche, a kind of nine headed monster bird, can eat souls, will kill people, and will bleed on roofs. It used to have ten heads, but one was bitten off by a dog, so it often bleeds. Wherever the guiche goes, there will be natural and man-made disasters, but it is afraid of light, and it will get dizzy when light shines on it."

Xiang Cheng thought about it and said, "Wait here."

Xiang Cheng got out of the car and went back to the inn. A moment later, there was a commoti

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