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Why didn’t he mention it earlier aaaahhh ---!

The giant of happiness lifted a huge hammer and instantly smashed Chi Xiaoduo into a flattened piece of soft paper.

From the countless buildings that Chi Xiaoduo designed, fireworks shot out, filling the sky with a series of explosions.

A beautiful stage opened its curtains on a splendid prelude, and the leisurely, brilliant sunlight of Roman Holiday shone in. Xiang Cheng, refined and courteous, held Chi Xiaoduo’s hand in his own, and his other hand held a flute of champagne as he stood by a fountain, giving him a warm smile.

In an instant, a meteor shower arced over the horizon, and on the surface of the sea, millions of mola fish floated belly-up, all of them beginning to dance --

Xiang Shu said, “The color of your face doesn’t look too good. Are you feeling ill? Take a break.”

Chi Xiaoduo hurriedly said, “You sit, you sit, I’ll be good in just a moment.”

Chi Xiaoduo pushed a swivel chair over, letting Xiang Cheng sit down. His own heart thumped loudly, and he looked at his blueprints for a long while without knowing at all what he was looking at. He turned his head to the side to sneak peeks at Xiang Cheng, only to find that he was reading Chi Xiaoduo’s reference books while sitting in front of his desk, and he thought,no way, you can understand them?

Chi Xiaoduo’s entire being was not in the right state, and in his heart, two small mola fish were engaged in a constant tug-of-war. Mola Fish A told him to hurry up and finish so that he could go out and have a date, but Mola Fish B said that if he didn’t look at the diagrams carefully and the building collapsed, people would die. A then said,who cares if the building collapses? Our family’s Chi Xiaoduo is only in charge of the drainage system, not the structural parts. At most, one of the sewage pipes will leak...

In the midst of his conflict, Chi Xiaoduo managed to finish looking over the drawings at a speed that seemed to last an eternity. After he signed off on them, he said to the big boss, “I’m leaving now! Boss Lin!”

The boss of the water department said, “Wait, Xiaoduo, while you’re at it, help me…”

Chi Xiaoduo turned his head, and his killing aura filled the room.

The boss immediately fell silent like a cicada in winter, and he replied, “Have fun on your trip.”

“Hehehe.” Chi Xiaoduo chuckled warmly.

Right now, it felt as if millions of alpacas were joyously scampering about in Chi Xiaoduo’s heart as he rushed through the office like the wind. After climbing into Xiang Cheng’s car and fastening his seatbelt, his vision swam with vertigo, and he suddenly found that Xiang Cheng’s car was once again different. Today, he was driving a Land Rover.

“What do you want to eat?” Xiang Cheng asked.

“Whatever,” Chi Xiaoduo responded, smiling. “Pick your favorite, but don’t make it too expensive. It’s my treat. Thank you for coming to pick me up.”

Xiang Cheng replied, “I’m not familiar w

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