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Chapter 2 - Blind Date

"Could you please introduce me to someone reliable? I have already lowered my standards to a man that I’ve asked for. How come I still have no boyfriend until now? I think my standards are not that bad ah. Is my fate not good? Is this what happens to a bottom like me? Do I have to be a leftover…… bottom…… all my life?"



Late Autumn.Guangzhou, Tangxia.

Chi Xiaoduo rode his bicycle and turned out of the heavy traffic in the city. Passing through the intersection, he saw an old man on the roadside, selling well-dressedwhite yulan magnoliason a stall.

As it was already winter, the old man shivered even in his cotton-puadded clothes. Chi Xiaoduo then went forward with his bicycle, bought a ten-yuan magnolia flower, and told him to close the stall early. Afterwards, he went to the convenience store and bought a box of meal to eat at home.

Going to work, off work, and eating all by himself.

Back home. Chi Xiaoduo was wearing his headphones, watchingThe Great Kangxi Emperorwhilst laughing and eating his meal.

After his meal, he took out the garbage and mopped the floor. Facing the desolated four walls of the house, Chi Xiaoduo bobbed his head to the music as he did the housework and watered the plants.

He then took a shower after cleaning up. Looking at his phone, he saw that it was already 22:20. It should be time for him to sleep. Hence, he tidied up the quilt, turned off the lights, and went to bed.


Forty minutes later, a deafening TV program next door could be heard along with an old woman who was laughing hysterically. Chi Xiaoduo hammered the wall and roared.

"Stop making so much noise!"

Chi Xiaoduo clapped the wall and shouted at his last gasp, "It's eleven o'clock!"

Chi Xiaoduo had just lay down when a moment later the sound of the TV rose even louder. He still had to go to work tomorrow but the noise was making him mad. He forced himself to go out and hammered at the door next door, rapped and pleaded until the noise died down, before he finally wearily fell back onto the bed.

Having been awaken by the noise, Chi Xiaoduo was wide awake; he tossed and turned in bed. He felt his phone and then checked through his Weibo, when a call suddenly came. He answered it and wearily said "hello."

"Hey, Xiao fish, how are things with that guy I introduced to you today?" A male voice said with a smile on the other line.

In the twenty-six years of Chi Xiaoduo's life, although he liked guys, he had never fallen in love with anyone. Firstly, he dared not. Secondly, he dared not say if he liked that guy either, and lastly he dared not just fool around.

"Don't say it," Chi Xiaoduo said. "That guy is already married!"

"What?" The man on the other line was somewhat surprised. "No ah, he told me there was none."

Chi Xiaoduo said, "I already felt something wasn't right when I saw him. After chatting for some time, I b

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