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Chapter 1 - Demolition

No job.


Editor(s):GlitteryPanda, Elestrea

Exorcism Group Lead Office

First-Class Registered Exorcist Committee

Committee of the Management, Rectification, and Reform of the Yaoguai Civil Office


Exorcism Committee Appointed DocumentNo. 27 [2014]

Notice for the National First-Class Exorcist Registration, Qualification, and Certification Examination, and the Civil Control Revision Program

For all member units of theLeading Group for the National Management and Rectification of the Yaoguai Organization,the Exorcism Federation inAll Provinces,Autonomous RegionsandDirect-Administered Municipalities, and theCivil Exorcist Association.

In order to carry out the request put by the Second Yaoguai Research Civil Conference and the Institutional Reform Committee, to further strengthen the management of the exorcists' organization, to conscientiously develop an active role for the exorcists in civil peace and social security, the Central Exorcism Group Operation Lead Office has made a decision:

Put up a new reform plan and management regulations for the exorcists, adding "Qualification Certificate Exam for the National First-Class Registered Exorcist", and registering individuals to be given a job based on the certificate. For further details, see the attachments of the registration and the examination.

In the view of the increasing number of failed exorcisms in the past few years, theprogram team "Approaching Science"will no longer pay reparations nor guide public opinion. The new management system, which will come into effect from this very day, is as follows:

1) Any unit or individual shall not have irrelevant personnel present when conducting exorcisms and subduing yao; otherwise, according to the situation's circumstances and consequences, they shall be fined, given administrative sanctions, and demoted.

2) When performing exorcisms and yao subdual, individuals shall not carry out activities between 06:00 to 22:00. In particular, they shall pay attention to avoid rush hours. The working hours of those in suburban or rural areas can be adjusted appropriately. The unit must first apply to the local government for clearance when performing tasks.

3) For any yaoguai, it is necessary to follow the principles of 'first, advise,' 'next, subdue,' and 'then, liberate.' It is also necessary to carry out the act of beating the yaoguai back to its true form without making any enquiries. In order to avoid aggravating the conflict between yaoguai and the common folk, as well as simultaneously put an end to the malpractice of 'accepting rewards for the head,' used of a fixed exchange rate of the number of yaos being exorcised for monthly allowance and rewards issued to the exorcists by the original provincial unit have been cancelled and adjusted to be under the 'labor expenses' in the personal income tax, refer to attachment

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