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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 59
This incident occurred during the time Zich was devastating the world as a Demon Person, not yet a Demon Lord. As he usually did, Zich and his subordinates fought against another enemy force and completely decimated them. Since this happened so often, Zich didn’t remember every single one of these events. However, there was one scene that he vividly remembered.

Horrifying corpses were spread all across a wide plain. It was hard to differentiate whether this was hell or reality while looking at the sea of corpses and dark blood everywhere. Blood flowed all over the ground and gathered together to make a giant pool of blood; even among the pools of blood, there was one pool that was especially big—it was large enough for ten people to fit in.

Surprisingly, there was a person inside this enormous pool. As if he was taking a bath, he completely soaked himself in blood and sometimes played around with the blood by splashing it around.

[Are you doing that disgusting hobby again?]

The person inside the pool of blood—Joachim—stopped at Zich’s words. He gave a bright smile and turned around.

[Is it you, boss?]

[Yeah, yeah. It’s your boss.]

Zich scowled as if he was seeing something gross and slowly walked towards Joachim. But Zich didn’t look too normal either as he kicked the corpses in front of him while walking forward.

[As I have told you many times before, this is not a hobby. I’mhealing. If you soak your whole body in blood, someone told me you can get healed from various diseases and light migraines.]

[Who the fuck said such ridiculous nonsense? It’s so creative, I want to put a knife in their brain.]

[A doctor told me that.]

[He’s definitely a quack. Who’s that bastard? Tell me who he is, so I can destroy him for you. If you paid him some money, I will also get it back for you. No, I will even get him to pay you interest.]

[He’s probably dead. No matter how great you are, it’s not possible for you to go all the way to the underworld to beat up just one person.]

[Tch! He fled to the underworld to run away from his responsibilities. Doctors these days don’t take their calling seriously.]

It was ironic of Zich to say this, since the people around him had started calling him Demon Lord instead of Demon Person. However, Joachim didn’t reply; instead, he dropped more blood over his shoulders. He seemed disinterested in Zich’s words and focused on covering his whole body with more blood. As Zich stared at him, he clicked his tongue and thought:

[‘This guy is definitely not sane.’]

Even though Zich was surrounded by crazy people, Joachim and some of his other subordinates were a par above everyone else.

[‘The only one sane is me. I have to stay sane to lower our group’s total insanity level. It’s so embarrassing.’]

Of course, if anyone heard what Zich was thinking, even Joachim who was bathing in a pool of blood would quickly deny Zich’s claims.How can you of all people say that I a

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