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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 67
His tone, expression, and every movement seemed to provoke Zich. Although Zich had continued to meet people who approached him with bloodthirst and a sword, Shalom was the first one to pick a fight with Zich since he left Steelwall.

‘Ah, actually there was Drew.’

“I asked you if you were Zich!”

Shalom pressed on Zich who was a bit dazed from the ridiculousness of the situation.

‘…Whatever my plan is, should I decide after killing this guy?’

For a moment, the current, pure (?) Zich thought of acting like his past Demon Lord days.

“What are you doing, Shalom!”

Fortunately, Joachim intervened and prevented Zich from acting out on his anger.

‘…Yeah, I should bear it. Just for a bit. Joachim is here, and I don’t have the power to take full responsibility for the consequences.’

Currently, he wasn’t at Zich Moore’s level and couldn’t pull out his sword at every small annoyance and wreak havoc to his surroundings.

‘Okay, calm down. I am pure. I have become clean.’

Zich calmed his heart; it was like trying to pour icy water onto a beating heart, engulfed by a fierce fire. While Zich calmed himself down and tried to pass this test of patience and self-control, a small argument went back and forth between Joachim and Shalom.

“I’ve told you many times! Mr. Zich has helped us tremendously, so you can’t treat him rudely! I’m not going to say much about the way you treat me since that’s our family’s matter, but Mr. Zich has nothing to do with our family! What is this attitude you are showing him?!”

“I want to ask you, Sir Joachim. How can you trust this man so much? Like you said, he has nothing to do with our family or this estate—he’s a stranger.”

“Didn’t you hear that he found the cure for Igram?”

“That makes it even more suspicious. Isn’t he just a traveler? How did he know about the cure for Igram? More so, didn’t he appear at the perfect time when Ospurin was hit by an epidemic? Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence, sir?”

“Then, what? Are you saying that Mr. Zich was the one who spread the disease?”

“I didn’t go that far, but it’s true that he is very suspicious.”

“You really are…!”

Joachim bit his lips to repress his burning rage. However, Shalom didn’t care for Joachim and stared—no, glared back at Zich. It almost seemed like Shalom was trying to rip Zich apart with his eyes.

“Are you Zich?”

“I think you already know. Why do you keep asking me?”

Zich’s gaze was haughty, and his tone was sarcastic. Shalom’s eyebrows twitched.

“I am going to ask you one more time.”

Shalom’s body exuded an immense pressure; it was strong enough to cause Joachim to unconsciously take a step back.

“I asked you if you were Zich!”

It wasn’t that Shalom didn’t know Zich’s name. This was a battle of nerves. Even if Shalom was aware of Zich’s name, he was trying to make Zich answer his question; it was so that he could psychologically assert his dominance. However,

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