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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 49
Before he transformed, the man had attacked Zich and Snoc with a fighting style that was clear and precise but full ofbloodthirst. However, after his transformation, his fighting style completely changed. He threw away his sword to the side as if it was a small stick and began fighting with only his body. There were no skills or techniques involved. He only used speed, power, and his tough skin—but with just these physical characteristics, he was able to drive Zich to a corner.


The man tried to punch Zich but hit the ground instead. Rock pieces flew everywhere, and there was a huge dentin the rock. Zich, who managed to evade the man’s attack, distanced himself from the man.


The man stepped hard on the ground. His footsteps formed deep indentations on the rocks, and his body flew as if a ballista hadthrownhis body into the air.


The man spread his palms and made some wide movements. His attacks were rudimentary andfullof gaps. But the strength and speed of his massive arms far exceededcommon sense.

Zich raised his sword to block the man’s attack.


The sound of a swordsharply clashingagainst humanskinrang across the cave; it was hard to believe that it was the sound of a sword on human skin. Moreover, Zich’sswordbegan to bend fromhis opponent’ssheerstrength, andhe hadto quickly focus on fusing mana into his wrists.


The man was able to successfully push back Zich’s sword and hitZich’sforearms. As ifhewas a broken puppet doll, Zich’s body flewto the side.


Zich lost his center of gravity, but he managed to land on his two feet with relative ease. He fixed his posture.


Hisarmthatgot punched ached. Zich tried moving his arms a few times.

‘It’s just a bruise.’

None of his bones were broken, and the pain from his arm was not so great that it would affectthe flow ofbattle. However, the only reason why his arm didn’t break was because he protected himself with mana at the lastsecond. If hehadn’t defended himself with mana,not only would his arm be broken, but several of his ribs would be broken too. Moreover, if he got hit in the same place multiple times, no amount of mana would prevent him fromgetting severly injured.

‘For now,this dude is stronger than me.’

Zich had no problem admitting this.

‘What is that? It’s a skill that I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen skills that increase strength before, but never as great as this. No, is this even a skill?’

Even if it was not a skill, Zich was sure that he had never seen something like this.

“What is that?”Zich just decided to ask outright.

“Fufufu! Are you beginning to feel afraid?”

“I’m just curious because I’ve never seen such a skill. Is that even a skill?”

“Of course, it’s a skill. If you are so curious, why don’t you try joining our organization? You will not only be able to satisfy your curiosity, but you will be able to make this skill yours.”

The man

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