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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 75
Joachim opened his eyes and stared at the man through the prison bars in front of him.

“…I don’t know how my older brother gained control over everyone in the castle, but the security must be terrible if a suspicious-looking person like you can just waltz into a high-level prison.”

The man who came to see Joachim looked as suspicious as hell. In a prison cell where not even a ray of lightcouldshine through, the cloaked man covered himself from top to bottom. But the man did not reply. Instead, he hung the torch on his hand to a sconce next to him. Then the man stepped one closer to the prison bars. His body was huge. Compared to Joachim who was skinny and tall, the man was extremely buff, and he was about a head taller than Joachim. However, Joachim looked straight at him without a shred of fear in his eyes.

“That’s impressive. Your eyes are not full of despair yet.”

“Stop saying nonsense and get to the point.”

Joachim usually addressed everyone with respect and honorifics, but he dropped his manners and spoke roughly to the man—that was how shaken Joachim’s mental state was. The man’s mysterious appearance also played a significant part.

“Fine.” The man didn’t like talking for long. “Don’t you want to fix what has gone wrong?”

“What has gone wrong?”

“I’m talking about the current state of the Dracul family. Do you seriously think the current state of the Dracul estate is normal?”

There was no way Joachim thought the current state of the Dracul estate was normal. The Count was bedridden, the heir was only obsessed with power and controlled his vassals like puppets. Currently, everything about the Dracul estate was going wrong.

“I can’t say everything is going normally. But I can’t believe such a suspicious-looking guy like you is worried about the state of the Dracul estate.”

“Of course, I have my own reasons. So, answer my question.”

“Then how would you fix it?”

The cloaked man took out something from his body. In his hand, there was a marble the size of a half-closed fist. The marble was red to the core, as if it was condensed from blood. Joachim, who had hemophobia, scrunched his face. However, he didn’t move his eyes away.

“This is called the Bloody Vessel.”

“It looks like an ominous object.”

“But the effects are potent.”

The man who had been talking in a monotone voice so far now had a sliver of excitement in his voice.

“Absorb this into your body, and you will be able to obtain an enormous amount of power. Then you can pay back your brother who insulted and even tried to kill you, and all his obedient followers!”

Joachim stared at the Bloody Vessel. As if the marble was calling to him, it reflected the light from the torch fire and shone temptingly. But the man was not able to get the answer he wanted.

“I refuse.” Joachim’s answer was firm, and he did not even hesitate. Under his cloak, the man twitched his eyebrows.


“Because I don’t believe in

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