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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 74
Zich’s face turned serious. However, Hans and Snoc did not understand the gravity of the situation and just stared at both Zich and Joachim.

“Sir, what did they say their justification was?”

“Since Ms. Bargot is a proficient medical expert, they want her to take a look at the Count’s condition.”

“Weren’t there a lot of people who already checked the Count’s condition?”

“Of course. We brought in a great number of skilled doctors and priests to heal the Count. But they all shook their heads, and most of them said that the Count did not have long to live.”

“Sir, then what are your thoughts? Do you really think they took Ms. Bargot so that she could check up on the Count’s condition? Or is it…” Zich lowered his voice. “Because diseases are now spreading in the castle?”



Hans and Snoc were shocked, but Joachim remained calm. He expected that Zich might have already suspected this.

“To be frank, I don’t really know.” Joachim was not able to give a clear answer. Since he didn’t have enough information, he couldn’t give a definite answer to Zich. However, it wasn’t as if he had no likely conjectures inside his mind.

“But that is also a high possibility.”

“Since they took Ms. Bargot, I guess it’s pretty clear that they aren’t going to inform us about the state of the castle.”

“Yes, that’s probably true. If infectious diseases are spreading inside the castle, Ms. Bargot would be a coveted talent. Not only is she an expert on infectious diseases, but she is also not a threat to my brother’s authority unlike you Sir Zich, who is widely known to be working with me.”

“I guess it would be better to not hear back from the castle.”


Joachim’s voice was grave.

“If they call us back to the castle to take care of the disease, it will mean that even Ms. Bargot was not able to curb the disease inside the castle.”

Moreover, there was no one here who knew more about infectious diseases than Ms. Bargot. Therefore, this would also mean that an uncontrollable disease was spreading in the castle.

“…But since nothing is definite yet, let’s continue with what we were doing. Thinking about it, didn’t you have something to say to me?”

“Before that, did you request something from me through Sir Clovey?”

“A request? No, I never did.”

Zich explained what happened with Clovey to Joachim. At first, Joachim was surprised, but as Zich continued his story, various emotions appeared on Joachim’s face—anger, confusion, disbelief, and more. When Zich finished his account, Joachim’s face was extremely serious, and he stared intently at Zich. Anyone could see that Joachim was in an intense dilemma, and after a while Joachim finally opened his mouth.

“…I believe you, Sir Zich.”

Hans and Snoc nervously stood next to Zich, and they let out breaths of relief. On the other hand, Zich predicted that Joachim would say something like this.

‘The biggest reason for Joachim’s response

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