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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 21
Zich stood in front of Lubella and asked,“Is he theDeputyMayor?”

“Yes, he is theDeputyMayor for sure. But how? I thought you died.”

TheDeputy Mayor didn’t respond to Lubella’s question and continued to scowl as he stared at the item in his hands. It was a book.

“That is…!”

Lubella was astounded because she was familiar with the book that theDeputyMayor was holding.

“The book that has Bellu’s energy…”

“Its official name is ‘Offering Ritual’s Key,’Lady Lubella,” theDeputyMayorcorrectedas he closed the book. His voice was soft and comfortable, but Zich noticed twisted emotions behind it.

“Sorry? What are you talking about…!”

“Don’t you get it?”

Zich patted Lubella’s back.

“We have made the wrong conclusion. TheMayor isn’t Bellu’s servant but a puppet. He lost his senses and was just following someone else’s commands.”


Lubellathought theMayor was the mastermind behind everything, so she was in shock. She looked at theMayor’s head that was carelessly rolling in the corner and looked at Zich again.

“Then, who…?”

Lubella didn’t finish her sentence and slowly turned her head. Then, her eyes rested on theDeputyMayor. Even if she was slow at grasping the situation because of her lack of experience, she realized it.

“Is it…?”

“Yes. He is probably the mastermind.”

While scratching his neck, Zich pointed at theDeputyMayor with the end of his chin. In response, theDeputyMayor furrowed his eyes and stared at him.

“…You did this, right?”

TheDeputyMayor opened the book which he had called the Offering Ritual’s Key and showedtheinsides. Chilling writings were scrawled on the pages like they were casting curses, but some of the pages wereripped perfectly in half, which lessened the scariness.

“You suddenly jumped out, so I swung my sword instinctively. I apologize, but I have the ripped pages here.”

Zich stamped on a nearby page with his feet and kicked it towards theDeputyMayor. However, the page didn’t fly to theDeputyMayor and flailed in the air at Zich’s multiple kicks and landedback on the ground again.Both Zich and theDeputyMayor didn’t look at the pages.

“…It seemslike this little rat hasn’t realized the situationhe’sin yet.”

“Probably a hundred times better than you think.”

Zich hung his sword on his shoulder and stared down at theDeputyMayor with his chin raised and posture crooked. There wasn’t an ounce of fear thatthe enemy had captured them.Thanksto that, Lubella, whose heartracedwith surprise and fear,was able to calmhernerves.

“Let me ask this first—what did you do with the Holy Knights?”

“Did you think that they would stillbe alive?”

Lubella’s eyes shook as their conversation went back and forth.

Then, theDeputyMayor’s eyes moved to Lubella. On his face, there was a fishy smile.

“I finelygroundtheir corpses and fed them to the pond’s fishes.”


Lubella let out a cry, and in her rage, the hand that grasped her sta

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