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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 36
With firm steps, Lubella walked through the Grand Temple’s halls. Her shoulders weresquared, and there was no hesitation in her footsteps. It was hard to find any trace of her past timid self in her movements. Weig followed behind Lubella silently. It was only after Lubella put sufficient distance between herself and Windne thatshelet out a sigh of relief.


Lubella let her shoulders down and loosened her body. Then, she turned around with a spin.

“How was I? I tried to act according to Mr. Zich’s advice.”

“It was perfect.”

It was so perfect that Weig became worried that Zich might have influenced her too much.

“Those two won’t be able to bother you anymore.”

They weren’t on the same footing as Lubella in thefirst place; even though they were both Saint Candidates, not all Saint Candidates were equal.

With firm determination, Lubella said, “That would be great. But it won’t matter to me either way. Iplanto fight back now, especiallyif theycontinueto insult me like they didtoday.”

“But I still can’t believe you actually slapped her. That was Mr. Zich’s advice, right?”


When Lubellaconfided inZichabout Windne’s attitude towards her, he told her to try slapping Windne. Zich told her that while it was important to always consider the situation, person, and condition in a conflict, she should slap people whotreated her unfairly.

Seeing the uncertaintyon her facein response tohis advice, Zich told her that it would also be a good idea for her to reconsider multiple times beforeresorting toviolence;butif there was no other way to settle the conflict afterpondering for a long time, Lubella should take this as a sign to use violence and slap her opponents. Lubella clicked her tongue at Zich for repeating her advice back to her in his own creative way. However, since it was from Zich, Lubella engraved his words into her heart.

“If I must say, wasn’t this your first time using violence? How are you feeling?”

Lubella looked down at the hand that had slapped Windne.

“I feel a lot of different emotions. I feel guilty about hurting someone,I regrethow I was not able to find a different solution, and I fear that I might become a personwhoeasilyresorts to violence.”

It was natural that Lubella felt this way. All her life, violence was kept far away from her, and she felt guiltyforinflicting the slightest amount of violence.

However, despite all these complicated emotions inside her, Lubella said, “But it definitely was gratifying.”

Weig burst out in laughter.

“I think you are ready to go to battle as Karuwiman’s Saint.”

“I’m not a Saint yet.”

“It’s only a matter of time. But please be careful. In order to protect people and justice, we are forced to use our powers, but we cannot be swallowed by the power. If that happens, you will not only lose your qualifications as Karuwiman’s Saint, but as a human being.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Well, it’s about time

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