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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 113
Of course, Estellade didn’t answer him.

“S-Sir Zich, did you just pull out the holy sword?”

“I saw it too.”

They muttered in excitement. For aspiring heroes like Hans and Snoc, the holy sword was the symbol of a true hero.

“Can anyone pull it out?”

“I doubt it. Sir Zich said it was a holy sword, and even he looked surprised that it came out so easily. I bet not anyone can pull it out.”

“Then, will Sir Zich become a hero?” Hans murmured, and Zich regained his senses.


He immediately stuck Estellade back into the ground. The sword shuddered once, and Zich took three steps away from it.

‘A hero? How could he say such chilling words…!’

Although he was trying to live a kind life, it didn’t mean that Zich was really a kind person—at least, that was what he thought. He couldn’t imagine himself swinging the holy sword while people called him a hero.

‘Ah, damn it! I’m scared I will hear it even in my dreams.’ Zich shook his head intensely and stepped down from the podium.

“Huh? Are you not going to take the sword, sir?”

“I’m not interested. I didn’t come here to get that sword anyway. And to tell you the truth, do you think a holy sword would even fit me?”

Both Hans and Snoc made the wise decision to remain silent. Zich stared at the sword from far away with his arms crossed like Estellade was a filthy thing.

‘It really is pretty though.’

Tornium looked heavy and plain in comparison. Except for its black blade, there was nothing special or unique-looking about Tornium; it was as if the sword was only crafted to fulfill its duty. On the other hand, Estellade was beautiful enough to be called an art piece. Even if Zich held the belief that ‘a sword simply had to perform well,’ Estellade’s performance didn’t lag behind Tornium in any way.

‘Regardless, it’s fine. I just need Tornium.’

“Um, Sir Zich.” Before Zich realized it, Snoc was next to Estellade and he said, “If you don’t want it, could I try pulling it out, sir?”

Snoc wanted to try pulling out the holy sword; he was an aspiring hero after all.

“Do whatever you want. You probably won’t be able to pull it out though.”

“Ah, as expected, does the sword choose its master?”

“There’s that too, but you have a magical beast like Nowem with you. From what I know, Estellade is picky about choosing its owner and will refuse people who have another link like a contract with a magical beast by default.”

“I see…”


Both Snoc and Nowem sighed in disappointment.

“But you never know. Try pulling it out—I might be wrong.”

After pulling the sword out, Zich’s faith in Estellade started plunging to the bottom. ‘Does it have no standards at all that even someone like me can pull it out? Does Glen Zenard actually have a terrible personality?’

With Zich’s suggestion, Snoc gleefully grabbed onto Estellade’s handle.

“Huuu!” He took a deep breath and pulled with great force.





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