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vekalat-talagh > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 91
Lubella was saying a prayer like usual. While she bent down her knees on a white floor, she was fully devoted in her prayers; needless to say, her appearance was the pinnacle of holiness. Then she opened her eyes. She loosened her hands and got up from the floor. Even though her knees felt slightly sore from bending them for so long, Lubella showed no signs of discomfort. She turned around and headed towards the prayer room entrance. A large holy object hanging in front of the prayer room seemed to be blessing her back.


“Oh my?” Lubella was surprised to find Weig in front of her as soon as she opened the prayer room’s thick door. Weig stared at Lubella and made a smile.

“Lady Lubella, are you finished with your prayers?”

“Yes, but what is the matter?”

Lubella knew that Weig waited in front of the prayer room when he had something urgent to say to her.

Weig nodded his head. “A familiar face has come to visit us.”

“A familiar face?”

“Zich. He has come to visit us.”

Lubella’s face brightened up. “Mr. Zich has come here?”

“He has come to see you and me. If you are busy, I can go by myself—”

“Let’s go quickly!” Lubella quickly moved her feet. Since she had to be quiet in the temple, she didn’t run, but her footsteps were extremely fast. However, she stopped when she heard Weig’s words. “Lady Lubella, do you even know where he is?”

“…Where is he?”

Weig made a small smile and led Lubella, who was now bright red, to where Zich and his companions were.

* * *

“Wow!” Snoc moved his head around fervently. He looked around the room, which was completely white without a trace of dirt. Even though the room only had one holy ornament, the room seemed to ooze out divinity since it was inside the Karuwiman temple. Even Hans was amazed by the grand sight in front of him, and only Zich remained indifferent to the splendor of his surroundings.

Knock! Knock!

“You can come in.” With Zich’s permission, two people came inside the room. Zich and Hans were familiar with them, but it was Snoc’s first time seeing them.

“It’s been a while since I saw the two of you.” Zich got up from his seat and greeted them first.

Lubella and Weig were happy to see him.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Zich. I’m glad that you look healthy.” Weig greeted him first while making that trademark laugh of his—as if he was a silly old grandpa who lived next door. Even though Zich thought he got used to this laugh while fighting with Weig against the Bellids, it was strange to see Tasnia’s Killing Machine laugh so brightly again. Zich tried to repress his thoughts and shook hands with Weig.

“Mr. Zich, welcome. Have you been well?” Lubella smiled and gave a small bow.

Unlike Weig, Zich felt no sense of confusion with her. Hans and Snoc also greeted Lubella and Weig. After he heard their titles, Snoc froze in place.

“Lady Lubella, your face looks brighter. Has my advice been helpful to you?”

“It’s been m

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