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“This is impossible! You’re only at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm! How can you have such great strength!”

The older brother of Twin Devils of the Thorn River had his shoulder shattered by a single slap from Jiang Li, and he knelt on the ground while his knees were covered in blood. His body had suffered heavy injuries, and he was unable to stand up for a long time.

[Name: Wu Jiang, Gender: Male, Class: Cultivator, Level: Late-stage Qi Refinement, Danger Level: Medium]

[Name: Wu He, Gender: Male, Class: Cultivator, Level: Mid-stage Qi Refinement, Danger Level: Low]

(After removing the pill poisoning’s suppression, his strength would increase and the danger rating would decrease accordingly.)

Jiang Li had just launched a sneak attack from behind and released his spiritual qi. Due to his limited ability to conceal himself, he was discovered by his elder brother Wu Jiang immediately. Naturally, he recognized his Qi Refinement cultivation immediately.

Wu Jiang actually had the ability to dodge, but the Twin Devils of the Thorn River were a pair of brothers who had a very good relationship.

Wu Jiang saw that his younger brother, Wu He, was on the verge of death, and he noticed that Jiang Li’s cultivation was limited, so he intended to take Jiang Li’s attack head-on and seize the chance to rescue his younger brother.

The plan was wonderful. Their brotherhood was touching.

However, following that, the abnormal force on Jiang Li’s palm stunned him. He was instantly heavily injured and lost the ability to resist.

“Heh! One is at the mid-stage of Qi Refinement while the other is at the late-stage of Qi Refinement. You dare call yourselves the Twin Devils of the Thorn River?”

Jiang Li sneered. With a shake of his hand, a chain flew out from beneath his black robe.

The chains slithered around nimbly like long snakes, binding Wu Jiang in an instant.

Jiang Li grabbed the chained Wu Jiang and walked to the black zombie’s side. He stretched out his palm and pulled out the six nails that had shot into the black zombie.

Zombies had almost no sense of pain, and their reaction to physical damage was much slower than humans. A few lousy quality nails could only deal limited damage to them.

On the other side, the younger brother of the Twin Devils of the Thorn River had already been sucked to near death by the black zombie’s fangs.

Jiang Li forcefully controlled the black zombie to stop sucking blood and spared Wu He’s life, trapping him under the zombie’s armpit.

The man and zombie did not stop at all, continuing to run in one direction, quickly disappearing into the cover of the darkness.

[Consumed the Experimental Mad Strength Pill. Added Status: Muscle Stiffening]

[Status: Muscle Stiffening has been removed.]

[Consumed the Experimental Mad Strength Pill. Added Status: Mad Strength. After the effect ends, enter a state of weakness.]

[Mad Strength: Temporary Strength +5, T

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