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Chapter 43: Drifting

The rogue cultivator in the lead was very displeased by Jiang Li’s escape. He grabbed a rock the size of a basketball and smashed it into the river.

However, the water ripple was completely erased in the turbulent Mother River, not a trace could be seen.

“Big brother, I don’t know either. We’ve all tried. Among those eight guys, two are at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm. The rest are all at the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm.”

“They have no experience at all. We were standing in the crowd today and they didn’t even notice us.”

“Big brother, why don’t we rush into the palace tonight? As usual, we’ll keep the women and kill the men.”

The shifty-eyed cultivator suggested.


However, before he could smile, his big brother kicked him to the ground.

“Are you a fool? They’re all disciples of a sect. If we can kill them cleanly and eliminate all evidence, fine. Now, one of them has escaped and you’re still suggesting we make a move? Do you want to die?!”

The leader of the rogue cultivators had a hideous expression. He felt helpless towards his younger brother’s stupidity, but at the same time, he was angry at the sect for oppressing rogue cultivators.

“Then… what should we do?”

The younger brother said weakly.

“What do we do? Find him, of course! Let’s go find him along the river bank! I don’t believe he won’t come out and catch his breath!”

While these rogue cultivators were chasing along the river bank, Jiang Li and the black zombie were already brought down by the rapid flow of water.

Jiang Li chose to set off alone naturally not because of his sense of responsibility, nor did he have any intention to be a hero. His relationship with Yu Banxia and the rest had not reached that stage yet.

He chose to do this partly because of his mindset as a transmigrator, feeling that he was destined to have this fortuitous encounter. With such a precious treasure appearing, it was hard for him to not interfere.

On the other hand, it was due to his self-confidence. Although he was only at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm, he had tested his strength against the two unlucky fools, the Twin Devils of the Thorn River.

With the enhancement of the buffs, he could almost beat most Qi Refinement cultivators.

As for the stronger Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they were still busy searching for the zombie demon, so it was impossible for them to appear on the outskirts of the river. In addition, Jiang Li planned to follow the river trail and avoid most of the cultivators. His safety was actually very guaranteed. It might even be safer than staying in the city.

Thus, Jiang Li volunteered to accept this mission.

However… plans could not keep up with changes.


A muffled sound of collision rang out from under the water. Jiang Li’s skin was completely dyed black as he fiercely collided with a rock under the water.

A faint fishy smell surged i

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