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Chapter 69: Finally Here

Wasn’t this red-clothed woman the “madam” who he had met at the inn? She was about to return home to visit her parents.

The woman in red stepped forward and tried to pull her parents up from the ground with the servant girl.

However, it was useless. The two middle-aged parents kept repeating all sorts of begging. Their bodies were huddled together and they were unwilling to give any more reaction.

The woman in red was so anxious that she was about to cry. However, her parents still did not notice her and treated her like an “immortal” as they hugged her head and begged for mercy.

When she returned home, her family did not recognize her.

Moreover, although humans were essentially repeating words throughout their lives, the words that they repeated were too similar. It was a little strange.

The scene before him finally caused Jiang Li to slap his forehead and notice that something was off.

He ran to the other residences again, this time not going in himself.

Instead, he took out gold and silver ingots from his pocket and threw them into the house.

Some people were bewildered at first, but after discovering the gold ingot, they were overjoyed.

This was a normal reaction.

Some people were initially suspicious, but after discovering the silver ingots, they started to thank the heavens.

This was a normal reaction.

However, in a portion of the residences, the glittering gold and silver rolled past the mortals inside. However, they only took a glance before ignoring it.

This was very abnormal.

This caused Jiang Li to feel that the hundreds of thousands of souls were most likely from them.

Still unwilling to give up, he found the death row prisoners’ dungeons in Cloud Stream City. After strangling a few of them, he sent his Yin attribute spiritual qi into his eyes to take a look, but none of their souls left the body.

This time, there was no longer any doubt.

Elder Duan Shuang and the others had used some unknown method. In a short period of time, half of the city had already died.

Nearly half of the residents in the city had already become zombies without souls. This situation was even more horrifying than seeing 200,000 skeletons.

Jiang Li was already planning how to leave a way out and escape at the critical moment.

When he returned to the inn, the sky, which was already dark, turned even darker.

Jiang Li returned to his room to listen to the Heart Sutra. At the same time, he used his extremely developed sense of hearing to envelop the surroundings of the inn, trying his best to not miss out on any clues.

Apart from the time when the Soul Capturing Bag was about to be filled and he had to personally transfer it, his monitoring had never relaxed.

However, the next night passed peacefully.

Through the expenditure of silver, Jiang Li roughly calculated the number of souls he had already obtained.

Due to the strong wind on

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