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“Isn’t it a little too conspicuous to reach the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm in just three months?”

After Jiang Li hid the ghostwood trees under the ground, he did not immediately run out of the graveyard. Instead, he found a place to sit down and began to think.

His spiritual root aptitude was only at the medium-grade. In the eyes of ordinary people, using the graveyard to cultivate to reach the cultivation speed of high-grade spiritual root aptitude was already very impressive.


If he directly surpassed a high-grade spiritual root and reached the cultivation speed of a top-grade spiritual root, that would be a huge problem. He would definitely receive the attention of many people.

If he was valued, he could directly join the inner sect.

What he was afraid of was that he would become meat on someone else’s chopping board. In the end, he would be dissected and refined into a pill. It would be a tragic sight.

Judging from the reaction of that red-haired elder, it was not impossible.

Hence, for safety’s sake, he had to control his cultivation level. It would be best if he could expose this after Yu Banxia and the others broke through to the mid-stage.

But every seven days, he had to go to the Pill Chamber to test the pills.

Relying on the few aura concealment techniques he and Yan Hong had gathered, there was no chance of hiding it from a powerful sect elder.


“Looks like I’ll have to use this thing.”

Jiang Li took out a small porcelain bottle from his bosom. When he opened it, what came out was not a medicinal fragrance, but an unpleasant burnt smell.

[Name: Waste Pill]

[Type: Trash]

[Grade: None]

[Note: Waste pills are created from failed refinement attempts.]

After pouring them out, he saw that they were black pills with uneven surfaces.

These were waste pills that Jiang Li had gotten from the red-haired elder.

After all, the other party had to paint a rosy picture for him. Since Jiang Li wanted these worthless things, then there was naturally no reason for him to refuse.

Although he did not know what Jiang Li wanted to use it for, the red-haired elder still instructed him not to eat it no matter what.

“If it’s not necessary, I really don’t want to eat this.” Jiang Li muttered to himself, and then he picked up a useless pill and placed it into his mouth.

[Consumed a waste pill. Added Status: Pill Poisoning]

[Pill Poisoning: All attributes reduced by 20%, spiritual qi strength decreased by 30%, spiritual qi recovery speed decreased by 30%, cultivation speed decreased by 10%. Duration: 2 years] (− +)



The smell of burnt food would cause a severe reaction in the intestines, and the body would feel uncomfortable.

It was extremely difficult to expel the poison from the body, and the duration was extremely long.

This was pill poisoning!

A useless pill not a pill burnt by accident.

It was because during the process o

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