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Chapter 65: Mortal World’s Money

After the eight demons left, Jiang Li summoned the attendant of the inn to clean the room.

This Earth-ranked guest room was already smelly because of those demons. Clearly, there was no way to stay in it.

Jiang Li found the owner of the inn and told him about the banquet tomorrow.

Jiang Li’s request was for twenty tables of meat and wine to be served immediately after midnight. However, the boss wiped away his cold sweat and apologized repeatedly in fear.

“Master Immortal Master, it’s not that I’m unwilling, but our store has limited manpower and insufficient materials. We really can’t set up such a huge banquet!”

How could Jiang Li not know what he was thinking? This inn had more than 20 large tables in the main hall alone. They usually had to provide food for many of the guest rooms. A single banquet was a little tiring, but it was definitely not difficult.

All that was lacking was money.

Jiang Li smiled as he stretched out his hand and pressed down on the inn owner’s wrist. Yin attribute spiritual qi corroded the mortal’s flesh and blood, and after gently pressing down, a green-black mark appeared on his wrist.

When the inn owner saw this, he immediately turned pale with fright and hurriedly knelt on the ground, shouting, “Immortal Master, please spare me!”

“Don’t worry, as long as you do your job well, the money will be yours. However, if you deliberately oppose me and something goes wrong with the banquet, this thing will take your life!”

How could the boss dare to say no? He kowtowed as if he was pounding garlic with his head, agreeing extremely readily.

Jiang Li had no intention to lower himself to the level of a small figure, but the thoughts of these insignificant people could sometimes spoil things.

Without putting his life in danger, he would definitely cut corners.

As for gold, silver, and money, the tavern definitely would not be able to afford it. He still needed to find someone to “borrow” some.

“Heh! Those three fellows went to scout the vicinity and still haven’t returned!”

Jiang Li looked for his new subordinates. As expected, the three of them had other intentions and did not return after leaving.

It seemed that they were still planning something.

If they were to find a target and become inner sect disciples, so what if Jiang Li had a contract? With the support of the sect, wouldn’t they be able to suppress Jiang Li as they pleased?

Indeed, such subordinates were unreliable.

Fortunately, Jiang Li originally did not expect them to be of any help. So long as they stayed at the side and acted as three obvious ‘baits’, it would be fine.

Without his subordinates by his side, Jiang Li could only leave the inn alone and walk towards the city lord’s mansion.

Cloud Stream City was not affiliated with any country.

There was once a small piece of spiritual wood forest here, it was a small wooden settlement that s

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