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Chapter 55: Confidence?

[Name: Yin Burial Coffin]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: High-Grade Profound-Rank]

[Characteristics: Space, Blood Sucking, Yin Burial]

[Main Material: Bloodsucking Wood]

[Status: Yin Qi Leakage]

[Note: Simply necessary for long distance travels.]

High-grade Profound-rank!!!

What the heck!

Jiang Li was shocked. He had originally thought that as long as he could obtain a low-grade Profound-rank artifact, he would be satisfied.

However, it was indeed the inheritance of a Golden Core cultivator!

This coffin that looked ordinary and could only be sold for three taels of silver in the mortal world was actually a high-grade Profound-rank artifact!

Although the Yin Burial Coffin might be leaking Yin qi because it had been ownerless for too long and had not been maintained effectively, high-grade Profound-rank was still amazing, it was a high-grade item that ordinary cultivators might not be able to see in their lifetime.

Great! Great!

With a wave of his hand, the coffin floated up and shrunk automatically. Soon, it transformed into an exquisite small coffin that was the size of a palm and flew into Jiang Li’s palm.

It could be powerful, small, light, or heavy. There was also a space inside.

Jiang Li did not know the capacity of other storage artifacts, but this coffin was shockingly large.

Even if it did not have any other function, just being a storage artifact would probably be worthy of the high-grade Profound-rank.

Jiang Li grinned and chuckled foolishly. He stuffed the coffin into his arms very lovingly before standing up and slowly walking towards the Scripture Storage Valley’s flying ship in satisfaction.

‘Eh? Did I forget something?’

‘Damn, I’ve almost forgotten to retrieve the black zombie!’

Jiang Li was eager to keep the treasure, but he forgot about the black zombie who had worked hard this time.

He quickly returned to the coffin and retrieved the black zombie before returning.

After the flying ship arrived, there was no loud sound for a while. The battle should have ended already.

As expected, nothing happened when he cautiously approached.

The originally turbid Mother River turned pitch-black. Under the illumination of the rising sun, it emitted a suffocating stench!

It was no wonder that those Yin Corpses were not liked by cultivators. They were simply biological weapons.

The fish in this river were definitely dead. It would probably take at least 50 years before the ecology could gradually recover.

On the river, there was still a large amount of floating ice.

Many cultivators were shattering the floating ice and casting special fishing nets to find things. Their goal might be the cultivator corpses or the ownerless artifacts of a fallen cultivator. In any case, they were not fishing for sure.

“Jiang Li, you’re back. Are you injured?”

Jiang Li returned to the original location of the Scr

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