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Chapter 86: Demonic Ape

Jiang Li thought to himself:With your guarantee, I feel much more at ease.

His master’s “first lesson” was indeed a little fierce, but since he had such a master now, he could only accept it.

After all, compared to encountering such a situation outside the sect, it was undoubtedly an extremely good opportunity for Jiang Li to accumulate experience by having his own master watch over him.

Jiang Li knew that his master was definitely just scaring him when he said he would not help. If it was really a life and death situation, he would definitely act in time.

However, rather than being beaten to death by a monkey, it was better to let him beat the other party to death!

After that, Jiang Li calmed down and no longer hesitated or feared. He assumed the posture of the Mountain Crushing Scripture and smashed his shoulder fiercely towards the enormous ape.

When faced with adversity, the braver one would win. Since he wanted to walk the path of a body cultivator, he had to nurture the determination to risk his life!


It sounded like the collision sound of a truck’s hard rubber tire!

Jiang Li’s body was like a baby as he crashed into the arms of the ape.

Relying on the ape’s four-meter-tall body to hide his own body, Jiang Li cast an appraisal skill at the moment of collision.

[Name: Demonic Ape]

[Type: Ape Demon Beast]

[Age: Adolescence]

[Gender: Female]

[Source of Nutrition: Rotten Flesh]

[Habits: Cunning and Bloodthirsty]

[Danger Level: High]

Demonic ape? Hmph, the name was really compatible with its looks.

The power of the Mountain Crushing Scripture completely landed on the Demonic Ape’s body, but the huge ape only took a few steps back. Its thick, city wall-like chest completely absorbed the terrifying power.

Two exaggerated ape claws grabbed towards Jiang Li, but Jiang Li nimbly avoided them. He stepped on the giant ape’s body, leaped up again, and threw a punch at the demonic ape’s face.

A fist struck and a fang broke on the spot.

The second punch was thrown, but a wet feeling came. Jiang Li’s left fist entered the demonic ape’s mouth.

Jiang Li cursed himself for being stupid. In an instant, he felt a sharp squeeze as if he had reached into a meat grinder. The smelly, sharp fangs were trying to cut off his arm.

The pitch-black hardened skin prevented the fangs from sinking in, but through the skin, the huge biting force acted on his arm bone, making Jiang Li feel like it was about to break at any moment.

Jiang Li wanted to pull away, but the pulling force only made his arm endure an even greater pressure.

He forced himself to remain calm. Instead of retreating, his left hand reached out and grabbed the demonic ape’s throat!


In the next moment, the mouth that was like a meat grinder instinctively opened. Before Jiang Li could feel any joy from freeing his arm, his body was slapped flying like a can

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