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Chapter 82: Master

The loss of more than 60% of the outer sect disciples was indeed a huge loss to the sect.

The few elders gave all the outer sect disciples a sum of spirit stones on the spot and increased their benefits in the sect.

For all the survivors, this was a rare consolation.

While waiting, the flying ship from the sect finally arrived. With his current identity, Jiang Li at least experienced the feeling of staying in the upper room of the ship.

They took a gentle flying ship back to the sect. After the other outer sect disciples were exempted from the sect mission for half a year, they returned to their own places to recuperate.

Under Elder Zhong’s lead, Jiang Li headed deeper into the sect.

The Long Clear Hall was the main hall of the Scripture Storage Valley. All the major and minor meetings in the valley would be held here.

Every year, the outer sect competition was neither big nor small. It had been a tradition for many years for outer sect disciples to be promoted to the inner sect and acknowledge an elder as their master.

While making it convenient to choose disciples, it could also allow the disciples to identify people and increase the cohesion of inner disciples.

Not to mention that this time, such an accident had occurred in the Outer Sect Grand Competition, so the outer sect disciples had suffered heavy losses. The sect naturally had to express their gratitude towards Jiang Li who was the only one to complete the mission and win this competition.

It was the first time Jiang Li had seen so many sect elders, and he could not help but feel slightly nervous.

This was especially true when he saw the Scripture Storage Valley’s Valley Master. To be honest, even Jiang Li did not know his name. Normally, not many people in the sect dared to call him by his name. The Skill Imparting Elder seemed to have mentioned it before, but he had forgotten everything after hearing it.

Fortunately, no one would specially test if he knew the Valley Master’s name, and it was not awkward to call him Valley Master directly.

Jiang Li stepped into the hall, and a majestic aura directly made him tremble.

It was not that someone deliberately released their pressure to scare him, but there were more than 30 to 40 elders at the top and sides of the hall.

As a small Qi Refinement cultivator, he naturally felt uneasy being stared at by such a group of high-level cultivators.

At the same time, he felt a little overwhelmed.

It was because other than the Valley Master, if any of the other elders came here, it meant that they had the intention to take a disciple. Jiang Li could choose any one of them to become his master.

He had a medium-grade spiritual root aptitude and could receive such treatment probably because of the unexpected incident in the “Outer Sect Grand Competition”. The sect probably gave him some preferential treatment.

Jiang Li raised his eyes and glanced over, and

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