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Chapter 81: Limitation

10,000 deaths were not a big number in war, famine, or plague.

However, those were wide-ranging calamities.

If you were to kill 10,000 people with a knife alone, you would probably be exhausted. Therefore, in history, there were very few mortals who died from the lightning tribulation.

However, to high-level cultivators who were comparable to small-scale natural disasters, reaching ten thousand kills might actually be possible from an accident.

The terrifying scene of the great battle between Golden Core cultivators was still vivid in their minds. The aftermath alone was enough to destroy a city. The Cloud Stream City beneath their feet was the best proof.

If everyone in Cloud Stream City was still alive, fighting in the city was definitely not a suitable choice.

Jiang Li had learned from Elder Zhong that the one who had chased after Duan Shuang was actually only a Golden Core cultivator.

After Duan Shuang escaped into the city with serious injuries, that Golden Core elder did not dare to start a fight in the city and thus requested help from the sect.

Due to Elder Duan Shuang’s original strength and serious injuries, the sect sent out three elders who were enough to suppress him.

They then sent out outer sect disciples to search the city. If they really found Duan Shuang’s location, the three of them would immediately suppress him and move the battlefield as soon as possible to prevent mortal casualties and being tainted by sins.

However, who would have thought that Duan Shuang had cultivated a demonic technique and slaughtered all the citizens in the city? Not only did he recover from his injuries, but his cultivation had also improved. He had fought against the lightning tribulation for a long time before finally dying under it.

As for how Duan Shuang and the others only triggered the lightning tribulation after slaughtering more than 400,000 people in the city, the secret behind this fell on those outer sect disciples who went missing daily.

Apart from Duan Shuang himself, he also brought out 11 disciples from the sect.

Each of these 11 people would use special methods to kill 9,000 people every day. After changing their bodies, they would kill 9,000 more. Then, they would kill again and again!

Through this process, they changed their bodies three times in a row, they even deliberately protected the bodies so that they would not die. They temporarily divided the sins into more than forty portions.

The sins they had committed had clearly far exceeded the scope of the divine punishment, but they had taken advantage of the fact that they had not met the criteria of over 10,000 people per person. Therefore, the tribulation cloud had occupied the city for three whole days without any lightning strikes.

It was not until Jiang Li discovered their hiding place that a zombie bomb blew up all the abandoned bodies that they used to share their sins.

This so

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