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Chapter 73: Anomaly with the Souls

Due to the timely actions of the sect elders, a large amount of water was expelled from the city. The outer sect disciples walked out of the streets in groups and ran out of the city as quickly as they could.

At this moment, Jiang Li, who should have charged out of Cloud Stream City first, suddenly paused for a moment while running at high speed.

This pause lasted for a very short time, but it was enough to destroy his body’s balance under his extreme speed. He was thrown out by the inertia that he could not control and rolled a distance before barely stopping.

Jiang Li carefully stood up. The dark color on his skin slowly faded. If he had not defended in time, he would have fallen to the ground.

He took out a small coffin from his bosom. It was this coffin that had suddenly produced a force that tugged at Jiang Li, causing his balance to be destroyed.

“That shouldn’t be the case. Didn’t I already refine this coffin? How could such a thing happen?”

Jiang Li was a little puzzled.

Right at this moment, the coffin shook once more, and a weak pulling force appeared. It pointed in the opposite direction as Jiang Li’s target.


Jiang Li was slightly surprised and bewildered. He had already sensed that the force that resisted leaving earlier was not from the coffin.

To be precise, the source of that power should be the souls of the 300,000 weak souls in the coffin!

“They… are refusing to leave the city?”

The lowest level of ghost souls could not express their desires, but the increasing frequency of the pulling was clearly pointing to this.

Through his connection with the coffin, Jiang Li could sense that the 300,000 souls were spinning and fluttering in the small coffin space, forming a terrifying soul vortex.

A human soul that had just died was insignificant, but 300,000 souls together represented a completely different meaning.

Furthermore, in the center of the soul vortex formed by more than 300,000 souls, a wisp of red fog was constantly rising and spreading.

Was that… resentment?

In the Ghost Wood Art that Jiang Li mainly cultivated, it had mentioned this kind of red fog before. Jiang Li had also specially learned a little about this.

Resentment represented uneasiness, despair, sorrow, and all other emotions that were different from the good side of humans.

Every person had resentment in them, but it was extremely rare to see it materializing before the naked eye. It was said that this kind of thing could completely drive a cultivator crazy with a single breath.

Even in ancient times, only the last few levels of the 18 Levels of Hell were covered in this red mist-like resentment energy all year round.

“Don’t tell me these souls want revenge? There is already a lightning tribulation helping you take revenge, don’t get involved in this mess, okay?”

However, the unintelligent ghosts did not understand Jiang Li’s comfor

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