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“Haha, young man, don’t be afraid. That’s why I said you were lucky. Joining our Scripture Storage Valley is your best option.”

“Our Scripture Storage Valley has tens of thousands of cultivation methods and countless incomplete secret texts. When the time comes, as long as you choose a dual-attribute cultivation method that is compatible with your own attributes, not only will you be able to cultivate both Yin and Wood together, you might even be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort.”

This was the first time Jiang Li had heard of a dual-attribute cultivation method.


However, this was also very reasonable. It was just like how the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had a way to allow the talent of Sword Heart to unleash power that surpassed the limits of the spiritual root grade.

Dual-attribute spiritual roots were also a type of talent. When there was no suitable cultivation method, it would be of little value, and there was little use in forcefully developing it. Only by possessing a suitable cultivation method would one be able to fully display the advantages of having a dual-attribute spiritual root.

“Thank you, Elder!” After Jiang Li expressed his thanks again, he and the others followed a puppet to the backyard.

It was also a large ship, and its size was no smaller than the one that had sent them here.

However, what made people gasp even more was that such an exaggeratedly huge thing was quietly suspended several meters above the ground, floating slightly like a balloon.

When Jiang Li got closer, he discovered that there were some complicated patterns engraved on the ship that were similar to those on the Spirit Testing Array. He did not know what principles were used to counteract such a huge gravitational force.


“Jiang Li, let’s go!” Yan Hong stood on the gangway and could not wait any longer. He could not help but urge Jiang Li as he looked around.


A group of 21 people boarded the airship of Scripture Storage Valley under the lead of Jiang Li and Yan Hong.

“Hey, fellow disciples, it seems we have new companions.”

On the airship’s deck, twelve youths of the same age were chatting and laughing. When they saw Jiang Li and the others coming up, they all looked over.

“Hello, are you new disciples too?”

Yan Hong and Jiang Li naturally went up to talk, while the 19 low-grade spiritual root disciples behind them stood where they were, obediently not moving at all.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Li. This is Yan Hong.” He introduced himself.

“Haha, hello, I’m Yu Banxia. We’re all fellow disciples now, so let’s get to know each other.” Yu Banxia was very enthusiastic and brought them into their circle.

“This is Qu Qianfan from the Qu family of Wild Waves River. He has a high-grade spiritual root aptitude.”

A thin youth with bronze colored skin nodded at them!

If Jiang Li did not remember wrongly, this was also a martial arts family in the Pugilistic

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