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A few minutes later, Yan Hong ran back with a contract and a spiritual pen.

The lowest grade of contract paper was five spirit stones each, and the lowest grade of spiritual pen was one spirit stone each. All of their funds had been used up now.

Yan Hong rested on the dining table while writing furiously. Very soon, a “proof of allegiance” was formed.

[Proof of Allegiance: Establishing brotherhood; trusting each other in life and death; helping each other in good times and bad; depending on each other be it fortune or calamity; and supporting each other in times of difficulties…]

Of course, these were all beautiful nonsense, because in the contract, these requirements were clearly stated as single items.

Jiang Li and Yan Hong signed their names at the top, and then went back to let the others sign their names as well.

Other than not deliberately sending them to their deaths, Yan Hong had requested that the people who submitted to him serve them unconditionally for 18 months.


Although this was also exploitation and oppression, it was undoubtedly much better than two years of forced labor.


First of all, the time was shortened by half a year. Even if Yan Hong really took away all their monthly allowance, they could still cultivate.


No matter what, it was better than wasting two years of time.

“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the contract. However, if we have to choose, there are good and bad aptitudes even among the low-grade spiritual roots. I still remember a few names. We can choose them first.”

Even if two people had the same low-grade spiritual root, the more they filled the Spirit Testing Bead, the better their natural talent would be. Since they wanted to choose, they had to pick the better ones.

“I know. Wait for my good news.” Yan Hong then ran out after saying that.


This time, he went out for a longer period of time. While waiting, Jiang Li also found a table to sit at. Soon, many of the soon-to-be disciples who were indecisive surrounded him and began to enthusiastically chat.

Especially when Yan Fengyue and a few pretty girls surrounded him and kept calling him Brother Jiang. It made him feel comfortable.


Clearly, these people were not going to submit but only wanted some support, but at this time, it was good to raise their prestige.

Several more teams were brought in, and the spacious lounge soon became more lively.

In particular, there was a group of young men and women who were obviously older than them who were wearing simple clothing that had gone through wear and tear.

This should be the group of children who were forced to work two years ago.

Like a flock of quails, they huddled in the corner of the lounge. They did not dare to speak loudly or eat more food. The curiosity and liveliness in their eyes were gone.


There were clearly more than a thousand people, but it was surprisingly quiet. It was a stark cont

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