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He glanced at Yu Banxia, who was still picking at the bookshelf.

After all, there was some conflict between what to choose. If they took a profound technique, they might not be able to learn it in a short time since they had just entered the Qi Refinement realm.

However, if they chose a spell that was too basic, then the value of this reward would be too low. They would be wasting this opportunity.

Fortunately, Jiang Li was less troubled in this aspect.

He touched the small pouch in his arms. There were 21 spirit stones lying quietly inside.

The Qi Nourishing Pill cost two spirit stones per bottle, and the Qi Recovery Pill cost one spirit stone per bottle. He used the Qi Nourishing Pill and the Qi Recovery Pill to exchange for six spirit stones with Yan Hong.

Adding on the 15 spirit stones he had, he had only managed to gather 21 spirit stones.

After he had made his breakthrough, Yan Hong had helped to ask around about the prices of spell techniques in the Scripture Storage Pavilion. Some of the most basic spell techniques of the five elements even cost less than ten spirit stones.

Jiang Li saw that it was indeed the case.

When he was selecting the [Zombie Puppet Technique] earlier, he was aiming for the most expensive one.

Now, on the other hand, the Yin-Wood attribute bookshelves were the exact opposite. He looked at the lowest price row. There was nothing he could do about it. He could not afford anything of a higher grade.

Similarly, without much hesitation, Jiang Li selected a technique from both sides and walked to the counter to hand it to Elder Li.

The Scripture Storage Pavilion’s Elder Li raised his eyes to glance at Jiang Li.

“20 spirit stones.”

Jiang Li’s funds immediately shriveled, leaving only a single spirit stone lying there.

Elder Li casually put away the spirit stones. This small amount of spirit stones was simply too insignificant to him. He handed over three jade slips and placed them on the counter.

Jiang Li was already in the Qi Refinement realm and could already use his spiritual qi to activate the jade slip.


He sat down on the mat next to him and placed the three jade slips on his forehead one after another. He slowly inserted his spiritual qi into the jade slips according to the techniques he had learned in class. A large amount of information about the spell techniques flowed into his mind like liquid.

After using three jade slips in a row, he still felt a little dizzy, but he no longer felt dizzy for the first time.

After he handed the jade slip back, Yu Banxia finally chose his spell technique.



With tacit understanding, they did not exchange information about any of the techniques they had chosen. After leaving the inner sect area, they parted amicably.

Jiang Li did not return to the dormitory to continue cultivating, nor did he rush to try out the cultivation method. Instead, he arrived at the function ar

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