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“Unless what?” Xin Ting and Peng Mao both asked nervously.

“Unless their behavior has caught the attention of high government officials and the authorities have made corresponding countermeasures. They may even have blocked their intelligence sources so that they are slightly behind in their news.” Lian Ru Ning deduced.

Shi Gong Dui was confused, “Hey, I have always had a question. You seem to know quite a lot about the origin of those people, who are they?”

Hao Jian looked at him with a smile, “You’ve been eavesdropping on the military’s communications for so long yet you haven’t heard of them?”

Shi Gong Dui said, “I can’t pick up their channels all the time. You must know that there are many channels they use to communicate with, is it strange that I don’t know their identity?”

Hao Jian smiled and Lian Ru Ning didn’t speak either. She took out the binoculars and observed the situation on their left and right.

It was Xin Ting who kindly explained to Shi Gong Dui, “I’m not quite sure what kind of people you’re talking about, but we met a group of cultists in Jiang City who calls themselves ‘Wugui’ and they have used the same method to attack the military.”

Shi Gong Dui was startled and replied, “Holy shit. There really is a cult out there! But it’s not surprising. in times of peace, cults have been popping up all over the place, let alone in this chaotic world now. Hey, it seems you guys know a lot too!”

Seeing that Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning had no intention of speaking up, Xin Ting picked out some unimportant things to say. However, she didn’t know much. Everything she knew about’Wugui’ came from Lian Ru Ning and she didn’t know what role Lian Ru Ning and Hao Jian played in it.

“Then how is the refugee base in Jiang city now?”

Xin Ting shook her head, “There should be no problem. We came out early and didn’t receive any news from there.”

Shi Gong Dui sighed, “So don’t put your eggs in the same basket. Like our Xinghua city, although the place is large, the population is small so the number of public security teams is also small. There is not enough manpower to disperse and organize a refugee base. They can only gather people in one place. In addition to the soldiers, those grassroots police and civil servants are also missing. I think most of them are in trouble.”

After gossiping for a while, they turned the topic back to business.

Xin Ting asked Hao Jian, “There is no interception on the airport road, so can we pass through the airport road?”

“The reason why they gave up the airport road means that the airport side is dangerous and they don’t feel the need to set up an interceptor at all.”

“Shall we pass through the outer perimeter?” Shi Gong Dui asked.

“There isn’t enough fuel to support us to pass through from the outer perimeter.” Hao Jian reminded.

Her words startled the crowd, “How far can we go?”

When they found this car at the time, the gasoline was transferred fro

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