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Hao Jian’s father, Hao Kan, and her mother, Chen Xiuzhu, were high school classmates. Hao Kan was tall, versatile, and as handsome as his name suggests. He was the popular school boy that was paired with the school flower at the time.

Although Chen Xiuzhu is of average birth and appearance, her family education is very good and is also known as a very talented girl.

Like the beginning of a very cliched story, these two people see eye to eye. At that age, they were at the time of spring and they lacked the correct sex education guidance. So when they were about to take the college entrance examination, they played around and created life.

At the time, there was no abortion and the two families felt ashamed so they got married in a hurry. However, after the new marriage law came out and the legal age for marriage was changed, the both of them failed to obtain a marriage certificate. They could only invite relatives and friends to have a banquet.

Soon after the marriage, the collage entrance examination followed after. Chen Xiuzhu’s mental condition was not very good due to her pregnancy. In addition, due to her physical conditions, her examination performance failed. In the end, her plan to originally go to Southern City University didn’t follow through ang could only choose a city school while Hao Kan went to the College of Geology of Ocean University.

At the College of Geology, Hao Kan joined the mountaineering club and has been fascinated by the climbing ever since. Whenever he was on vacation, he would go climbing with the members of the club. From gentle slopes to the steep peaks full of crisis and challenges.

He has reached the summit of Jade Everest, which is more then 6,100 meters high. He has also successfully climbed the summit of Mount Everest, so he is very famous. Finally, she challenged Mount McKinley – the highest peak in North America, and Aconcagua – the highest peak in South America. . . .

As Hao Jian remembered, when people around her talked about her father, they all praised him with a thumbs up. Whenever she sees him in TV or newspaper, he would either be the leader of a team climbing a certain famous peak, or being a commander-in-chief of a mountaineering team.

Whenever he came home, he would bring a lot of medals and many mountain models to Hao Jian. He would also tell her stories about his climbing experiences, making her both nervous and excited.

But because he was often away from home and wasn’t able to provide much for their home for a year, the burden of raising the family fell on Chen Xiuzhu’s shoulders. She did not complain because whenever she sees her husband telling her daughter his stories, her daughter’s eyes would light up. Seeing this picture, she felt that no matter how hard or tiring it was, it was still worth it.

Later, when Hao Kan’s parents died one after another, he blamed Chen Xiazhu for not taking care of his parents. The two broke out into their first argument e

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