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In the bathroom on the first floor of Building B in the conference center, water ran flowed from the tap. Hao Jian sat on the toilet seat, holding her head with both hands, “Sister, I’m a good citizen.”

“What sister?” The woman was displeased. With the handgun which came from Hao Jian on her hand, she opened the magazine and took a look, frowning in disappointment.

“Then. . . Miss?” Hao Jian said.

The system observed like watching a play, “Tsk, tsk. I didn’t expect for the host to have soft side. Too soft.”

“Shut up.” When Hao Jian was scolding the system, she was also scolding the woman in her heart.

Hao Jian didn’t expect to meet an expert. She thought her skill at stealing a knife would be considered great, but she didn’t expect that the gun she hid in her tactical vest would be stolen without her knowing.

“How did you know I have a gun?” Hao Jian wasn’t nervous because she already judged from the opponent’s familiarity with guns that this woman is a professional like a trained guard member. She also threatened Hao Jian who came in the center to gather intelligence just like An Minghui.

The woman looked at her teasingly, “You’re not fat but your waist is a little thick. Others may not be able to tell, but you can’t hide it from me.”

“Then, can you tell who I am?”

The woman frowned, “Where did you get these things?”

“It was given to me. What’s your purpose?”

The woman glared at her, “Do you think I’m playing around with you, answering a question with another question?”

Hao Jian sighed, “Just tell me what is the purpose of a young lady like you. If we delay here any more, the people outside will find it strange.”

The woman took a look outside, “I remember you, you e the one who drove away at the intersection on citizen’s road yesterday.”

Hao Jian quickly understood, “Are you one of the people who drove the motorcycle yesterday?!”

The woman didn’t know if it was possible, “I think you don’t even know where the bathroom is, yet you’re her. Did someone help you get in?”

Hao Jian actually doesn’t trust her 100%. Who knows if she’s a member if ‘Wugui’ and came here to test her if she’s one of the guard members or not.

“You’re quite alert. My name is Chen Zhen, a member of the security team that was once stationed in Civic Park.”

“My name is Hao Jian. I’m just an ordinary citizen. Can I ask, what’s the situation here?”

Chen Zhen suddenly made motion to silence her. As soon as Hao Jian closed her mouth, she heard the door open and what sounded like footsteps. Chen Zhen opened the door of the cubicle and took a quiet look before walking out. Hao Jian was affected by the sound of the water and heard nothing.

Suddenly, Chen Zhen pushed the cubicle door open again but was now wearing a tactical vest with some messy things hanging on it.

Hao Jian stretched out her head and saw a woman lying on the ground with a twisted neck. Her chest wasn’t moving either.

After tidyin

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