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Lian Ru Ning and Hao Jian looked at each other and had a tacit understanding. She quickly leaned on Hao Jian’s back to prevent Liu Shu from making any movements.

Although Xin Ting hasn’t fully figured out what happened, she naturally believed in Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning more than a stranger. She also grabbed some debris in her hand as a self-defense weapon.

“What are you doing?!” Li Chang called out angrily even if he stopped.

Li Ge also came back to his senses. Seeing that his own mother was being held hostage by Hao Jian, he was anxious and angry, and said, “There are zombies outside, are you sure you want to fight with us here?”

They didn’t know when Hao Jian saw through their plans, but they guessed that Hao Jian has been pretending to be weak just to let them relax their guards and focus on others to give her a chance and secretly use her Swiss Army knife.

This multi-functional Swiss Army knife is sold in convenience stores. They only took two. He has one while the other was in Liu Shu’s hand.

Thinking about is, he looked at Liu Shu. The latter was also at a loss. She touched her pocket and found it empty. It was obviously stolen when she brought Hao Jian water to drink.

Hao Jian sneered, “Heh, did you even have any plans to let us live? If you think about it, I doubt you will always keep us under your control.”

Although she found through observation that the brothers were indeed filial, the reason why she chose Old Lady Li as a hostage instead of the children to keep the brothers from moving, but she knew it wouldn’t last long. She had to look around and listen intently to their surroundings to figure out their best escape route.

“What are you saying?! Let go of my mother!” Li Ge shouted.

“Okay, you go out and kill the zombies outside, then I will let her go.”

Li Chang approached them again with an axe, “I don’t think she has the guts to make a move on mother!”

Suddenly, Old Lady Li wailed. There was a trace of blood coming out of her neck. Li Chang’s eyes were red and stared at Hao Jian angrily and sullenly.

Hao Jian looked at him blankly. At this moment, in her mind, the system seemed to be a little excited, “Does the host want to kill? Killing humans will gain you 10 experience and 200 points! The host just exchanged a rice ball and a pack of compression. The cookie cost 15 points, and you only have 10 points left. Are you sure you don’t want to consider adding more points?”

Hao Jian ignored the system, but for a moment, she really wanted to poke hard and cut off the beating artery.

The sharp point of the knife looked like it was about to pierce Old Lady Li’s neck. Li Chang and Li Ge were anxious, they didn’t dare look away at this innocent-looking woman.

“What do you want? I promise I won’t move anymore!”

Lian Ru Ning touched the goose bumps on her arm and said, “Unless you bring out weapons back, we will all die together!”

Li Chang and Li Ge both hesitated, ther

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