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The broken and old car left Jiang City without a hassle. It passed through the Nanjiang Highway then through the Nanjiang city – a county-level city of Jiang City – and soon entered the boundary of Xinghua City, a neighboring city of Jiang City.

Because the road is not very congested, although they have encountered many zombies on the way, there was still no danger at the end of the day.

Xinghua City is a small city of hilly terrain surrounded by mountains. Its development is a bit lagging behind Jiang City but because of its topography and economic constraints that made it vast and sparse population.

Although the area is the largest in the province, the population is only 2.65 million – which is the third lowest in the province’s permanent population.

One of the more important reasons for the sparse population is that it is the hometown of foreign Chinese individuals hoping to open a market. There are more than 5 million people of foreign Chinese in Europe and America and more than 3 million settled in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Because of this, after Hao Jian and the others stepped inside, they encountered far fewer zombies compared to elsewhere. However, based from the road conditions, there have been many traffic accidents here, mainly because many people feel that Xinghua City is hidden ang mountainous – which is very suitable for avoiding zombies. So it didn’t matter whether they live there or not, they all flocked to the city.

The only national highway available is not accessible and there is only one highway connecting it to the city. Because there are mountains everywhere, it is difficult to build a road and there is not much traffic on weekdays, so the construction of public transportation on the area is far less than in the big cities.

Although these places may seem backward, Lian Ru Ning and the others were still fascinated by the surrounding scenery, as if they had forgotten that zombies are destroying everything.

“The green mountains and water here are goof for the health. The surroundings are good and there’s fresh air!”

Hao Jian looked at the map in Lian Ru Ning’s phone and said, “This place is indeed suitable for the health and a tourist spot. There is the Cha Shan tourist area in the front. To the right is the ecological tourist resort. There are several reservoirs, the air quality is also said to be one of the best in the province. . . There are main towns and other urban areas in Xinghua City 56 kilometers west from here.”

The distribution map of the main towns and urban areas in Xinghua City looks very much look like the sole of a foot from the map while being surrounded by hills. Except for the only highway and national highway that crosses the densely populated area from east to west, the entrances and exits of the remaining provincial and county roads are basically concentrated in the urban area.

“If you go through the major towns and cities using the national highway, about 30 kilo

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