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Lian Ru Ning woke up in the midst of shaking, opened her eyes and looked out the car window, only to see an endless field. In a daze, she thought she had returned to Hao Jian’s village, and remembering the bumpy mountain road almost made her throw up.

“Where are we?” She looked at Hao Jian,

“You’re awake? I don’t know where we are.”

Lian Ru Ning couldn’t believe it, “So why did you go here?”

“The main road was completely paralyzed and the highway was blocked, so I made a slight detour. However, without directions, I got lost.” Hao Jian took it confidently, without any embarassment.

Lian Ru Ning’s eyes widened in surprise, she was speechless for a while, “So, where are we going now?”

“When I came in, I saw a signboard that says ‘Nongjiale’ on it, so I came in for some dinner!”

Lian Ru Ning rolled down the car window and saw the sunset glowing red and the ground steaming hot from the residual heat. She was able to sleep for more than two hours as she didn’t rest much last night. They encountered so many zombies during the day so she slept for so long due to exhaustion.

On the other hand, Hao Jian seemed to have never rested. She thought that they should also find a place to rest when the night falls so Hao Jian didn’t object the idea of it.

The car followed a simple billboard into the mountains and forests/ On the road, one could see houses in twos and threes, but they weren’t the size of the village. After passing by a fish pond, the car reached a house made of pure wood. The house looked rather crude, as if the house would collapse if the car hits it.

“Is there anyone there?” Lian Ru Ning looked around cautiously, she wouldn’t get out of the car until she was sure it was safe.

‘Beep beep—” Hao Jian pressed the car horn.

Isn’t she afraid of zombies?

Lian Ru Ning thought while looking at Hao Jian’s actions. But she wouldn’t question Hao Jian, their experience these days proved that Hao Jian doesn’t do any reckless actions after all.

Someone from the house poked out his head cautiously. Hao Jian opened the door and got out of the car and asked, “Are you still in business?”

“Where did you come from?” The man walked out, but with a hatchet at hand.

“After passing through the country road, I came here when I saw the signboard. You’re still doing business, right?”

The man thought for a while then glanced at Lian Ru Ning then back at her before saying, “Are you here to eat? There’s food.”

Hao Jian walked over, the man also turned around and put down his hatchet, looking at her carefully and secretly thanking her that she was a living person. Seeing the man’s actions, Hao Jian asked, “We aren’t sick at all. We were just planning to have a meal then leave. You can be rest assured.”

A middle-aged woman greeted them from the inside and asked, “Are they safe?”

“It’s okay, they’re only here to eat.” The man replied.

Lian Ru Ning had gotten out of the car. She saw such a simple

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