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Cheap, too cheap!

The price of cold weapons are as cheap as cabbage, and some are even cheaper than food!

The swiss army knife costs only 5 points, the survival knife costs only 10 points, the machete and the axe both cost only 15 points, and the more expensive ones are crossbows, swords, long knives, and so on. These cold weapons also have different names, although there is a little difference in price, but the difference is not large.

Hao Jian didn’t stay shocked for too long. Her thoughts fluctuated only for a moment and she quickly calmed down.

She found a small detail in the mall; in the food section, vegetarian and flour-based food are relatively cheap, and meat is the most expensive. The price for prescribed medicines are relatively stable and have not changed much. But weapons that are most necessary for human beings at the moment has very low prices?

If we follow the system’s argument that ‘things are expensive due to the scarcity of resources,’ does that mean that meat has been scarce but there are still many prescribed medicine and weapons?

She also has some doubts regarding the prescribed medicine. She is clearly referring to over-the-counter medicine, but some medicine, such as the tranquilizers she used today, were more powerful than sleeping pills. What kind of medicine is currently available that can have such an effect?

There is another question, where did all this food, prescribed medicine, and weaponry come from?

She didn’t dwell on why she can buy something in an intangible mall and then get the real thing out of nowhere, because the answers are definitely not in the level that she can understand at the moment. As the system said, she has no ‘authority’ yet.

But she would be more interested in the source of these things.

If these things come from the same place and space dimension as the system, take food for example. Are they also scarce in food, or are they just determined by the current situation of the world in which Hao Jian lives?

The system is destined to not respond to Hao Jian’s questions, and Hao Jian has no intention of asking either. After all, it will certainly play dead when encountering such questions.

When Lian Ru Ning returned from her bath, Hao Jian pressed her doubts to the bottom of her heart and asked, “How is your physical strength?”

Lian Ru Ning was a little confused, “Huh?”

Hao Jian pointed to her hair, “Do you still have the strength to help me wash my hair? Little sister?”

Lian Ru Ning always felt that when Hao Jian calls her ‘Little Sister’, her voice would be a little slower, with a lazy and ambiguous tone.

She thought for a while and replied, “. . . Yeah, I still have some strength for this.”

Hao Jian went to the guards to borrow a long bench while Lian Ru Ning came back with half a bucket of water. Although Peng Mao wanted to help them, he was sent away by Hao Jian.

Hao Jian laid down on the bench while Lian Ru Ning reached

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