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The sky was bright and grey when An Minghui summoned his mean Liu Feng, A Tao, Hao Jian, and Lian Ru Ning. He gave Hao Jian an official wireless dispatch console and a tactical vest. He also confirmed once again if everyone in his team knew their course of action before setting off.

In Jiangxin Island, Yi Gao presided over the work left behind. Although Yi Gao had recruited many volunteers, these people have not been systematically trained after all so the dangerous work is still done by the guards who go out.

There were six guards and seven volunteers who went out. The guards were divided into two groups. One team took two people to carry out the work of clearing zombies and the search and rescue for ordinary people.

After they cleaned up the zombies that had gathered on the dam, they escorted An Minghui and the others on the way. An Minghui, Liu Feng, and A Tao drove the three-wheeled motorcycle. An Minghui was sitting on the side, dealing with the zombies on the right while A Tao was dealing with the ones on their left.

Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning drove the Yamaha motorcycles picked up by Yi Gao to follow them. After all, the threats on the sides were being cleaned up by An Minghui’s group. There was no need for either of them to do anything.

They felt that hot weapons were still better than cold ones. At least with hot weapons, they don’t have to risk the zombies getting close, but they still need to pay attention to accuracy. If it can’t hit the zombie’s head in one go, they’ll only be wasting their bullets.

An Minghui did not give them hot weapons because they knew Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning were only ordinary citizens and that they had never held a hot weapon. If they weren’t careful, they would only hurt themselves. He also can’t guarantee that Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning didn’t have any ulterior motives. If they do receive a hot weapon, how much threat will they pose to the common people.

An Minghui have to clear the path in front of them. They cleared the way for a smoother ride and they soon entered the main road.

An Minghui heard Hao Jian mention the leopard yesterday so he was worried that the animals in the forest park would come out and make trouble. It was why he deliberately avoided that road.

It was inevitable for them to take the long way, but because of the small road, the chances of them encountering zombies were greatly reduced.

It took them nearly two hours to get to the conference center on the usual half-hour trip. However, they did not go to the conference center immediately, but chose to go into the forest opposite to the conference center.

This area was originally mountainous and forested that was later developed. Many forests were cleared and the mountain opposite to the conference center was dug in half while the ladder wall was repaired. Although the mountain wasn’t high, one can still see the surroundings of the conference center.

An Minghui and A Tao were in charge of r

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