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This seemingly abandoned gas station convenience store was bigger than the one in Hao’s last time. It had accumulated a lot of garbage and the air was filled with manure that one could almost taste it. The glass walls also had dirty water stains.

When looking from the outside, the place looks abandoned and ordinary people would not try to get any resources from here.

Hao Jian was held by the men and found that there were several old and young women behind the cargo shelves that stacked a lot of paper boxes and bottle cans.

The old woman has a lot of white hair, the young woman looked twenty-five or six years old wearing a ponytail. Their eyes were filled with caution and tension. There was also a little girl about five years old and a little bot about three years old, shrinking in the arms of the two women, quietly watching the new faces appearing.

Lian Ru Ning secretly breathed a sigh of relied. She thought that they had encountered people who were trying to take advantage of them. The presence of these young and old people here meant that these people were most likely to be a family.

There’s a very small probability that those who have families are wicked people.

“Ai Chang- ” The old woman opened her mouth.

The man holding an ax pushed Hao Jian in front of him, making her stagger a few steps forward to stabilize her figure in the empty space between the man and old woman. Lian Ru Ning and Xin Ting received similar treatments. The three women without self-defense weapons watched the group vigilantly, wondering what to do next.

“Mom, we’re fine, the zombies outside have been cleaned up.” Li Chang said, his face couldn’t help but show a smile.

Seeing this, Lian Ru Ning hurriedly asked, “Are you residents in this neighborhood? If you’re avoiding zombies, why are we kidnapped?”

The man with the knife put his weapon away, changed his ferocious face earlier and said with a smile, “This is also compelling. With your skills, if you don’t cooperate with us, wouldn’t you beat us up instead? There are many unknown dangers lurking, so we had to take you in first.”

Upon hearing this, Lian Ru Ning finally let go of the boulder in her heart.

Xin Ting’s nose was sore and she almost cried again. She wiped her eyes and said, “You scared us to death. I thought I was robbed!”

Only Hao Jian frowned and said nothing. Lian Ru Ning glanced at her and was about to ask her what was wrong, but was interrupted by the old woman.

“Just clean it up, my dear grandchildren no need to be afraid.” The old woman hugged the two children and coaxed them.

“By the way, my name is Li Ge, this is my mother and my brother Li Chang, my wife Liu Shu and two children. I see that you can handle five zombies with ease. Have you trained?”

The man with the knife walked to the shelf on the side, took out a bottle of water, unscrewed it, and handed it to Lian Ru Ning.

Lian Ru Ning took the water but did not drink it immediately

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