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As the two of them were talking, a gray-skinned figure suddenly rushed out in front of them. Hao Jian didn’t know when she already had the crowbar in her hand and simply swung her hand reflexively.

The tip of the crowbar immediately penetrated the head and at the same time Lian Ru Ning yelled “Ah!” She looked pale as she watched Hao Jian pulled the crowbar out of the zombie’s head which was already half destroyed, and wiped it on the zombie’s clothes.

Hao Jian’s movements were so fast that she hadn’t reacted to Lian Ru Ning’s scream. As she recovered, she quickly covered her mouth and looked around in horror.

“A zombie has been killed, experience gained: +5; points gained: +10” The system prompt sounded.

Hao Jian exhaled, fortunately she was able to take out the crowbar from the system and responded quickly enough.

“It’s not just Hao Fang who owns a car in the village.” Hao Jian said.

Before Lian Ru Ning could relax, she looked at the crowbar, “Where did you get the crowbar?”

“I picked it up from the corner just now.” Hao Jian lied casually.

Lian Ru Ning didn’t think much of it, after all, they ran in a hurry and were walking roaming absent-mindedly just now, so it wasn’t surprising that she didn’t see Hao Jian pick up the crowbar.

“Let’s go, Hao Quan and the others will chase us once they fin out that we ran away.” Hao Jian gripped the crowbar in her hands, ready to counterattack at any time.

Lian Ru Ning hurriedly followed Hao Jian’s pace, and the two of them shortly arrived near the Hao’s ancestral hall in the village. They looked at the car parked on the side of the open space, and their hearts were slightly excited. The only problem was that, how can they drive away without the key?

Hao Jian looked in front of the cars for a while, recalling the skills she had learned in her mind. But as she thought for a long while, she wasn’t able to remember anyone teaching her some car stealing skills. She thought to herself,

That’s right, not everyone is as careless as Hao Fang, leaving the key hanging in the ignition inside the car.

Just thinking about it, Lian Ru Ning excitedly pointed to a lady’s motorcycle with a bunch of keys hanging on it.

Although it was much worse than expected, it was still better than walking. Hao Jian was about to start the motorcycle when Lian Ru Ning suddenly felt embarrassed and asked, “Are we stealing this?”

“. . .” Hao Jian’s words were stuck to her throat and she suddenly felt the guilt, enough to make her want to leave the village on foot.

Suddenly, Hao Jian’s sensitive ears picked up a zombie-like cry. She quickly pulled Lian Ru Ning to the wall outside the ancestral hall and leaned against it, carefully listening to their surroundings for any movement. She saw a female zombie swaying from the back of the car. After the zombie spotting them, it became excited and rushed towards the two.

Lian Ru Ning tried to flee from the wall while Hao Jian gritted

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