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The level of chaos in the county center far exceeded Hao Jian’s expectations. There was an accident involving ten cars crashing against one another in a place where the gasoline smell was prominent. There was another car sandwiched by trucks in its front and behind. Lian Ru Ning was shocked.

A few traffic policemen on the provincial highway were still guiding traffic flow diligently, but they obviously know that other roads were also so chaotic and they can’t spare any more people to help. They are doing all they can in due diligence to channel the crowds and traffic, but it still wasn’t enough.

The road leading to the city has been blocked by a car accident. Many cars are blocked on the road. There weren’t any more small roads to walk on so people simply abandoned their cars and fled. There were still some who were reluctant to part from their own cars so they shouted to the traffic enforcers, “You guys should call the trailer soon!”

“Car accidents have occurred everywhere and it may take some time for them to finish. . .” The traffic enforcer explained, but even the emergency lane has been blocked and it was very difficult for a trailer to pass through.

“Let’s go.” Hao Jian called.

Lian Ru Ning recovered and followed Hao Jian.

The sun was shining brightly. Lian Ru Ning wore sunscreen, protective clothes, and a hat, while Hao Jian was exposed to the scorching sun and her lips became a little dry. Lian Ru Ning took out the water bottle in her backpack and gave it to Hao Jian, “Take a sip, I don’t know how long we’ll be on the road.”

Now, they needed to know the situation in Southern City first before looking for a car. The best way they can gather information about Southern City is for them to locate a government office. But the county’s government office is packed with panicked crowds.

Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning went there and when they saw the situation, they promptly left. Just as they left, a scream of horror erupted inside, infected zombies appeared and bit the surrounding crows. When a group of people fled in panic, a stampede occurred, causing numerous deaths and injuries.

“If it’s like this in an 18th-line mountain village, the situation in Southern City might not be any better.” Hao Jian gave Lian Ru Ning her prediction.

“I know.” Lian Ru Ning responded stubbornly, “Even if my family became zombies, I still have to see them.”

Hao Jian didn’t say anything as she took a sip of water. Lian Ru Ning took out the bread they picked up earlier and ate. A piece of bread is naturally not enough to satisfy one’s hunger but it was better than nothing.

When they passed by a car parked on the side of the road, a figure suddenly popped up from the back seat inside, hitting the door and window of the car, banging against it. Lian Ru Ning looked through the car window and found that it was only a seven or eight-year-old child zombie. If it hadn’t been acting too cruel, Lian Ru Ning would have thought it wa

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