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After Hao Jian hurt her forehead, Lian Ru Ning wanted to take her to the infirmary to get bandaged, Although they didn’t end up going to the infirmary, they did meet quite a few people on the way who were injured and needed to go to the infirmary to get fixed up.

One of them was carried by two people. They had a hard time walking because the man seemed to have passed out. His white T-shirt was stained with blood and anyone who saw it would think that he was seriously injured.

Hao Jian and Lian Ru Ning thought that they were injured by An Minghui and they originally didn’t care if the ‘Wugui’ man was either dead or alive. They were only attracted by the blood on his clothes which made them take a look.

But when they thought about it carefully, in order to distinguish their own people, they all wore a similar attire, but why was that person wearing a white T-shirt?

Looking at the photo again, they figured it out, “The infirmary is in the corner, and anyone who comes with the purpose of saving lives will not notice that kind of location at first. They want to divert everyone’s attention on the two main buildings so that they can take advantage of the opportunity to sneak out!”

Kong Ying Sheng immediately said through the wireless dispatch radio, “I just learned that the commander-in-chief is likely to be held hostage by the Xiangzhu in the infirmary. Please send personnel to the infirmary for reinforcements!”

As he reported, he also ran out the room and Lian Ru Ning asked, “Should we follow?”

Hao Jian glanced at the deformed army knife after smashing the lock and let out a breath, “This time, we won’t be of any use.”

Lian Ru Ning was silent for a while and asked, “What does ‘Xiao Ning’ mean?”

Hao Jian tilted her head, “Isn’t your name Lian Ru Ning? Or do you think ‘Xiao Ning’1isn’t intimate enough?”

“That’s why—” Lian Ru Ning’s heart was pounding once again, “It’s intimate, but my parents also call me that.”

“You’re younger than me.”

“How much younger?” Lian Ru Ning asked.

“You’re only twenty, I’m twenty-three, so wouldn’t you say you’re younger than me?” Hao Jian thought about it, “You’re still half my junior sister. If you don’t dislike it, why don’t I call you little sister?”

No one has ever called her that. most of the school’s senior bothers and sisters call her ‘little sister Lian’2. But seeing that Lian Ru Ning didn’t reject the nickname, Hao Jian smiled and stood up and said, “Let’s go, Little sister.”

Lian Ru Ning was stunned, “Where to?”

Hao Jian opened the door and looked at the setting sun from the floor-to-ceiling glass in front of them, “To do the mission.”

Although ‘Wugui’ had taken advantage of the post-apocalyptic rhetoric and attracted many members and believers, its foundation is still relatively weak. When planning the ‘Citizen Park and Conference Center Incident’, they had the advantage that the officials were temporarily unprepared.

However, when their in

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