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There are several roads in Heba leading to nearby villages, but Hao Jian and the others did not rush forward. After all, it’s only the ninth day of the third level of the zombie outbreak and the materials are already scarce, so even if they manage to reach the village, no one is most likely willing to take them in.

When they passed a very high section of reeds, they suddenly heard the sound of some rustling next to them. They immediately became vigilant and concentrated their attention on whether zombies were rushing out of the surrounding area.

At this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared in the reeds and Hao Jian instinctively knocked it over without thinking much about it.

The thing she knocked slammed to the ground. When they looked at it properly, it was a zombie dog.

The black dog had obvious bite marks on its body and its abdomen was empty, with only a bloody patch. Hao Jian wasn’t able to kill it, so it got up again ang rushed towards them.

This zombie dog can move much faster than a zombie and its teeth and claws are sharp enough to easily cut through the skin and cause wound infection, so they’re more difficult to deal with than a zombie.

“Hao Jian, be careful!” Seeing the zombie dog heading towards Hao Jian, Lian Ru Ning hurried forward.

She swung her axe at the zombie’s neck, but because of the zombie’s agility, she only shopped its body, and because of the zombification of the dog, she was able to cut the zombie dog into two.

Despite being cut into two, the zombie dog still didn’t feel any pain and immediately moved its upper body using its front legs. However, after its speed slowed down, Hao Jian was also able to control its movements easier and killed it with one more blow.

“A zombie dog has been killed, experience gained: 5+, points gained: 10+”

“The host is currently at level 1 and the conditions for opening level 2 are met. Please choose whether to upgrade.”

The system’s prompt notification surprised Hao Jian a little, “Is killing zombie animals and killing zombies have the same rewards?”

“Zombie animals can also spread zombie viruses across species, so the system determines that the reward for killing zombie animals is equivalent to killing zombies,” The system explained, “Please choose whether to upgrade, host.”

Hao Jian naturally chose to upgrade.

The host agreed to upgrade. Gathering information about unlocking level 2. . .

Successfully obtained!

Upgrade successful!

The host is currently level 2 and has the right to open the exchange. You can buy 10 foods per day; you can by 3 over-the-counter medicines every day; level rewards are: 1 pack of spicy strips, and a Gurkha army knife.

Experience required for the next level: 500

“. . . What the hell? Hot strips?” She understood all the other words, but she didn’t understand hot strips.

“Spicy bar is the basic reward.”

“Why didn’t I receive these level rewards at level 1?”

“Host, what do you t

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