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Hao Jian went in to clean her wound and after Lian Ru Ning finished disinfecting her, she went to stitch her wound, but when Lian Ru Ning saw Hao Jian’s wound open, her heart still jumped.

Hao Jian saw her holding the needle and thread for a long time and asked, “You don’t dare to start?”

Lian Ru Ning looked solemnly, “You bear with it.”

At this time where anesthetics are scarce, Hao Jian naturally didn’t use anesthetics for her injury. Hao Jian’s wound was stitched with a very clear sense of pain.

However, Yi Gao still provided her with a tetanus shot, “If a talent like you loses her life because of tetanus, it would be a great loss for us.”

He came to Hao Jian not only for her injection, but also for the things he needed to understand in detail. Lian Ru Ning suddenly remembered the video she had secretly taken and gave him her phone, “This is their brainwashing speech.”

Yi Gao praised, “I can’t fully understand it just by listening to others, but with this video, I’ll be able to understand how their cult works easier. You guys did a great job.”

He was about to take the phone to his study when he turned back and asked, “I heard that Old An has offered you an olive branch, are you sure you don’t want to consider joining the escort team?”

Lian Ru Ning and Hao Jian looked at each other, smiled, then shook their heads, “After I have settled a matter on my mind, I’ll consider joining the guard.”

Yi Gao then said nothing more.

Not long after Yi Gao left, Peng Mao and Xin Ting hurried over, “You’re finally back!”

They have been waiting for them the entire day. Although they wanted to ask Yi Gao for information, Yi Gao was too busy to answer them. Only the other team members who knew a little about what happened informed them briefly about the situation in the conference center.

They learned what happened to Hao Jian and the two of them were afraid that they wouldn’t return. They were very remorseful, “I’m such a coward and a weakling! Why didn’t I go with them in the first place?!”

Even two skinny girls were more courageous than him, a big man. Others say that he has no fighting ability, a paper tiger. He really thinks that he belongs to the protected party. Where does he get the face to take other people people’s protection for granted?

Thinking of this, Peng Mao slapped himself hard.

When he learned that Yi Gao had sent people to support the conference center, he also plucked the courage to sign up, but Yi Gao said, “There can’t be any changes in the personnel of this refuge camp. I’ve already asked my teammates who are on duty outside to support them.”

He and Xin Ting stayed tormented for a day and kept wondering whether they really wanted to stay in the refuge camp and accept the protection of the escort team and sacrifice their lives for them.

Although they haven’t figured out anything yet, when they received their rations, they quietly put away half of it. . .

Later, they f

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