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Aren’t you going to do something about this?!” The crowd questioned Yi Gao

Yi Gao shrugged, “She hasn’t done anything yet. I don’t have the right to control what she says.”

He looked like he was going to wait for Hao Jian to kill someone before doing something. If it were still the era before the virus outbreak, he would surely be beaten to death, but the surrounding guards were happy. They were angry at the people and if they didn’t vent out, they would really be suffocated.

At this time, a few people in the crowd finally squeezed out and said something, “Everyone be quiet. Chief Yi and his men also have their difficulties. Those who don’t want to join, don’t sign up. Go back obediently and eat and die. No one will force you, isn’t that right?”

Their words resonated with some people. Those who took the lead in inciting emotions just now shrank while those who spouted provocative words were also overwhelmed. Although these people with conscience were slow to come out, it also gave Yi Gao a reason to support them.

“The people who will volunteer for the search and rescue work will be provided with three meals a day. The serving size remains the same while those who will perform well can enjoy preferential treatment.” Yi Gao announced.

“What kind of preferential treatment?” Someone asked.

“They will be prioritized when using the resources, from electricity, water, and other good resources.”

The rewards that seemed useless in the past became extremely tempting this time. They knew that the public facilities of in refuge centers are limited. In order to save space, the toilets they use are manually flushed while the wastes needs to be drained in the ditch.

There are only about twenty shower rooms. For refuge centers with tens of thousands of people, even if they fall in line, 24 hours won’t be enough.

And although there is river water all around, they’re afraid that the zombie virus will be carried through the water so didn’t carelessly use it. Their water resources became extremely limited because of this. Basically, a person can only take a bath every three days and there is only one bucket of water per bath.

As for electricity, it is basically a public priority especially for night lighting. For ordinary people, even if they wait in line for three days, the amount of power they get can only charge 50% for their mobile phones.

Although some people feel uncomfortable with such a harsh living environment, they can’t leave because they have food and are safe from the zombies.

Compared to staying at their homes with the risk of starvation or being killed by zombies when they come knocking on their doorstep, their current environment is nothing unbearable for the sake of their survival.

But after they came here, they saw that everyone was the same and their hearts were naturally balanced. No one was above anyone. If someone can enjoy preferential treatment, how can they let this opportunity slip b

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