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From the usual ten-hour driving distance, it took them 26 hours to drive and walked one-third of the distance they covered. But as time passed, Lian Ru Ning’s heart became more and more anxious. The chaotic period has passed, but a more dangerous period has arrived. Those who survived will face competition for food and resources, even to the point of killing each other. If her family survived by chance, will they be able to save their lives in the face of such a predicament?

The car suddenly slowed down, Lian Ru Ning recovered and saw Hao Jian driving. After they escaped from Xinhe Elementary School, she switched with Hao Jian after driving for two hours. Fortunately, they took turns to rest so that no accidents would happen due to fatigue driving.

“What’s the matter?” Lian Ru Ning asked. Xin Ting who closed her eyes in the back seat and was sleepy, sobered up in an instant and looked out the car window eagerly. She thought there was another zombie attack.

After the car was tossed by the zombies, even the window was cracked. Even when they were driving, she did not dare to sleep with complete peace of mind She happen to hear Lian Ru Ning’s voice, and she was so nervous that she wasn’t sleepy anymore.

Hao Jian lowered her head and looked up at the sign on it and said, “The car is running out of gas. There is a gas station ahead, please prepare .”Although they had refueled before, Hao Jian had no barrels to hold more gasoline, so they had to go to the gas station to refuel every time they were running out of gas. But this time, Xin Ting found to barrels of peanut oil in the school and stuffed them in the trunk, which also came in handy this time.

After hearing Hao Jian’s words to prepare, Lian Ru , and Xin Ting naturally knew what to prepare. There is often a great risk in places like gas stations. After all, there are many people who come to refuel and there are also people who grab resources in gas station stores, which leads to an increase in the chance of zombies appearing here.

The closer they get to Southern City, the more zombies they will encounter and the danger gradually increases. So on the road, Lian Ru Ning and Xin Ting also picked up some handy tools, Lian Ru Ning picked up a fruit machete at the fruit stand on the roadside while Xin Ting picked up a baseball bat.

When the gas station appeared within their sight, they were finally able to take a breath of air-conditioning, the gas station is wonderful!

This gas station is located in town, and there are many used cars in the open space next to it. It can be seen that there are few people here on weekdays so it’s used as a parking lot for scrap cars. On the right side of the gas station is a driving school and auto repair shops on the opposite side.

There’s a problem with their car, and these auto repair shops can provide parts for their car! And because the gas station looks like a waste parking lot, many cars will not stop here to refuel. However,

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